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Bobzilla’s Mission

Bobzilla is the voice of our animals. It is the seeker of true health.  Bobzilla is committed to one hundred percent transparency in all of its scientific research into animal wellness and prevention of disease. Bobzilla believes that every animal and animal lover should benefit from unbiased information. Bobzilla does not seek to profit from any research findings and is dedicated to publicly sharing all findings. Bobzilla a non-profit organization.

About Us

Our Why

Sahara Lotti founded Bobzilla after seeing dogs suffer with skin issues, autoimmune diseases, seizures, behavior changes, paralysis, joint problems and chronic allergies and finding no reliable information on natural remedies and treatment! After searching for solutions and realizing that there is a major lack of unbiased, publicly available scientific research information for very common animal diseases, Sahara decided to find a way to fund research and inform the general public.

How You Can Help Your Pet

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Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation.

Become an Advocate

You can get involved today by becoming an advocate for your pets health. Ask your vet why, what and how come. Understand those medications and if they are really even necessary.

Educate Yourself

Read up on feeding raw for your pet. Kibble is TOXIC!


What People Say

Thank you for opening my eyes! I had no idea that Pepper’s allergies were completely treatable with a change in diet.

Talulah Rae

My vet had noooo idea why she was giving Snookie ANOTHER round of antibiotics when I asked why she would prescribe something that was exacerbating her skin issues!

Cricket Hutchinson

Are You Researching Animal Health?

With the aim of helping as many animals as we can through research, we would like to fund your research. Please contact us for more info.