Healing Your Pet Part 3 cont. A Raw Feeding Recipe

A few have asked what I feed. I’ve been feeding raw for over 11 years so the way I feed is the same way you might feed your kids. It’s always different.

I’ll go to the grocery store (aka farmers market or Chinese and Mexican markets because they carry more novel meats at better prices) and I’ll do my shopping.  I’ll usually buy tons of meat at the same time. Rabbit (it’s ew), chicken wings and whole Cornish hens, quails (my personal favorite), ox tail, lamb ribs, pork ribs and ground beef etc.  They don’t really like turkey or duck. But that’s just them.

I’ll also usually have a few bags of dehydrated raw laying around  because I’m always traveling and it’s easy. Or sometimes I’ll just be lazy and will feed them that for a couple weeks.

I have an extra ice cream type freezer in the garage for their food and I’ll just decide what to thaw and feed as I go.

Or maybe I’ll feed them something cooked. It really depends.  But this usually happens after your really comfortable with this way of feeding.

The whole point of raw feeding is to mimic what they would eat in the wild.

When a wolf dog kills its prey it eats the stomach first.   The stomach is filled with processed vegetation which contains important enzymes.  This is otherwise known as “green tripe”. Every dog goes insane for it.

You can buy frozen tripe online or rarely at super specialty pet stores. There’s also some canned versions but I would only sometimes supplement with that.  I like to buy dehydrated tripe. Feed this separate.

Anyway, the wolf dog  goes ahead and eats the organs, bone and  muscle meat. Our goal is to get all of these into his diet. Many raw food companies make a ground version of this.   You can also do it yourself.

This is a receipe that I used to use with only ground venison.  But you can do it with beef as well.

90/10 meat vegetable ratio.  For example nine pounds meat and one pound veg. Or 18 pounds meat two pounds vegetables. Etc.  or do 80/20.

9-10 pounds ground beef

1-1.5 pounds processed vegetables or pulp (not runny but dry)

Dogs don’t absorb the nutrients of whole vegetables. If you want them to benefit they need to be put in a processor or feed the pump of a juicer.

You’ll add:

1 tsp Bone meal or crushed baked eggshells per pound of meat.

Multi-Vitamins (nu pro etc)

Apple cider vinegar – 1tsp per two pounds.







Optional:  one teaspoon golden paste per pound. One garlic clove per every 5 lbs. One inch or so of ginger root grated per 10 lbs.

You also need to add organ meat. But organ meat is nasty and always makes the mix gross.  So I prefer to add it separately! I feed dehydrated offal as a snack. That covers the organ meat requirement.

But if it’s easier than just add about 1 pound of organ meat for every 10 pounds of meat.

You mix it all the stuff together rin a giant bowl and kneed forever. Then you pack it into little one pound ziplock bags and freeze and thaw as needed. Just add probiotics on top.

Boom. That’s your raw diet receipe. Not that hard.  Kinda fun. Especially fun when you see how much they LOVE it.

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