Healing Your Pet – Part One

“My pet has skin problems!  
“My dog has interdigital cysts.”
“My Collie has a corneal ulcer.”
“My cat is allergic to everything.”
“My bulldog has every bulldoggy issue and nothing helps!”

The complaints are always the same and the vet solutions are always the same: Prednisone, antibiotics, Atopica, Apoquel, or surgery to remove it.

All these solutions are designed to remove the symptoms. Not by any means do they cure the patient, they simply make it so that we cannot see the problems anymore. For now.

When your dog or cat takes prednisone for chronic skin problems the prednisone is simply pushing the disease down.  The disease never really leaves. It just moves around into another major organ and appears later as a completely different problem.  “Oh steroids healed his pemphigus. But now he has a kidney disease and pancreatitis”. If you ever wonder why it’s one thing after the other with your animal – think back to when it all started.  Efficacy in long term steroids can be an illusion while the disease just changes form.

So what to do?

Well the first thing we must understand is: if your furry friend is having issues it’s because the immune system is weak.

Then we must ask, WHY is the immune system weak? Did we unknowingly give them something to make their immune system weak? Probably!

Pure breeds like bulldogs are extremely sensitive to medications and foods created by MAN.  Every time we use steroids or antibiotics we pay the price. MRSA is way too common and it’s due to overuse of antibiotics. Steroids and antibiotics are life savers for emergency situations or infections but they are damaging for long term use and petty issues.

And from my experience the only way to have a truly healthy pet is to keep it natural.

Major culprits:

  • Unhealthy foods the dog isn’t designed to process.
  • Vaccinations that overwhelmed the body.
  • Overuse of medications.

If your pet is just allergic to everything it’s because the immune system is weak and not getting what it needs – whether that be a detox or better nutrition.  You also might have given him a bunch of drugs your vet prescribed and now he’s even weaker. It’s a bad cycle.

Take the Bulldog breed, for example. Vets in majority don’t understand them.  Even Bulldog Vets that claim to be experts don’t really understand bulldogs in my opinion. They understand WHAT plagues them but they don’t understand how to CURE them once and for all.

Only an integrative vet will begin to understand how to heal our animals, but many of them don’t focus on specific breeds.

I’ve found that the people that understand how to heal breed specific pets are the people that are obsessed with that specific breed, and are obsessed with health, nutrition and healing.  Any pet owner can be that person. You just have to be willing to spend the time.

Or better yet find someone who did the obsessing for you and learn from their experience.

STEP ONE: Everyone with a pet that has skin issues and that has also been vaccinated (especially more than once) needs to get a dose of Thuja 200c and Lyssin 200c.

These two remedies are vaccine antidotes and will move the culprit toxins out of the system and bring back balance.  Many symptoms disappear once this happens.

If the damage is more severe due to overuse of medication, then it’s way more complicated but those initial remedies are essential.

You’d be SHOCKED how many domesticated animals are sick due to over vaccination and suffer from skin issues and a myriad of other ailments.

I actually think the purebred dog is allergic to vaccines due to overvaccination in their genetic line.

The Distemper vaccine creates majority of the skin issues (even ACL issues) and the Rabies vaccine has even been the culprit for sudden aggression, hose obsession, fear of running water etc.

You can read more about it here and here.

So just detox your pet now. Don’t wait. It can only help them.  

DO NOT do booster vaccines.  The negative reactions are usually due to the Boosters they didn’t need.

We absolutely must vaccinate,  but it must be done with great care!

Who in their right mind would vaccinate their human kid every year?  Or go to the doctor and say “oh yeah I’m not sure if my kid had that vaccine shot yet, so whatever, just give it again!”

Why is it standard for our animals? Its crazy.

Follow the Jean Dodd’s Vaccine Protocol and always give Thuja and Lyssin before and after vaccinations.

Instead of boosters do blood titers.  Titers will confirm if they are protected already.   If they are not protected, then you do a repeat vaccine (with appropriate remedies).

Your vet might say it’s not big deal if you vaccinate them, again  well its a huge deal.

That very vaccine is also the culprit of  the rise in auto-immune diseases (more on that later).  I’ve seen this too many times to count.

Don’t just listen to a vet. Ask questions. Research.

Sadly, many of our own vets have been brainwashed and others just refuse to see the writing on the wall. Over-vaccination is extremely dangerous. But it’s a big business with a x30 profit margin. In other words it costs them $1.00 and they charge you $30.00.

But why change it? A sick pet is an expensive pet.

Anyone can be a vet, not every vet is a healer.

Homeopathy, holistic and natural medicine are not money makers. So you won’t hear about it as much–but it IS the ONLY WAY TO TRULY CURE OUR ANIMALS NATURALLY.

Notice I used the word cure — because nothing else should ever suffice.

Coming up next, what to feed your dog.

One thought on “Healing Your Pet – Part One

  1. Hi. Where di you get your thuja 1m? I have thuja 200c from Elixers.com…… but they dont have the thuja 1m. I also ordered from them the Lyssinum 200c. I appreciate the post and break down of the thuja. It was confusing before and still a bit now…..


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