Quick Tips on Keeping Pets Healthy! Written Not By Bob

  1. Feed a raw diet or a home cooked diet. I can’t express how truly nasty most dog food is. A kibble diet, regardless of how high end, will never be as beneficial as a raw diet.
  2. Vaccinate slowly and only one at a time. Do not do booster shots – only titer test the blood and confirm the dog has immunity therefore no need to booster. Bulldogs are really sensitive and most vets don’t seem to get this. Including self proclaimed breed specific specialists.
  3. Please don’t feed sugars. Not even a random donut or cookie. Throw them a piece of raw meat or even cooked meat. Makes me CRAY when popular accounts on Instagram show the dog downing things like cake and ice cream as if it makes us super nice parents. Ice cream, whipped cream, all that stuff etc is lethal for pets. You might think this is an exaggerated statement but trust me, it’s not! Breeds like Bulldogs are sensitive and yeast is the greatest enemy. All these skin issues you see are yeast related. Yeast thrives off sugar. An overabundance of yeast is actually linked to carcinoma. Sugar is poison to dogs because they do not have the digestive enzymes to process so it ends up being processed like a toxin. It remains in the system. Cancer and it’s friends feed off sugar. All these cancer rates have everything to do with DIET. Our animals are not designed to eat process the sugars in whipped cream and cake.
  4. Bi-weekly massages to keep their joints lubricated and flexible. Buy the book The Well Adjusted Dog on amazon. Massage the hell out of your fur baby!
  5. Supplements and preventative measures always. Golden paste, probiotics, kelp etc.
  6. Protect them from your stress and family’s stress and remember they are super sensitive and pick up on all vibes. That’s why crystals are amazing! Amethyst, Malachite and even tourmaline will do the job!

One thought on “Quick Tips on Keeping Pets Healthy! Written Not By Bob

  1. I just got my 3rd bulldog. He’s 7 weeks old from Mexico. My first and second lived 11.5/13 respectively so thought I’d done my research and been a go mom. My first went fast eating but just projectile poop and lost weight and put her down. My second was given apequel and he started developing little tumors. His liver became 3x normal size and I put him down 7/3/20. I researched the breed 9 yrs before I got my first and thought I’d dine what I need to give them their best life! All the meds, vaccinations, science dt prescription food! Now that I have stewie I want to start him off right! I also have a 3-4 yr old pitbull rescue that had heartworm. The treatment was gut wrenching to painful. I do combogaurd monthly for prevention but not sure how to do this raw/cooked diet given everything I’ve been told about what dogs should or shouldn’t have. I’d love any suggestions on diets/meds/Links to such!! Thank you!!


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