The Danger of Vaccines

We all know that vaccines are necessary – but they are absolutely not necessary repeatedly!  After the core vaccines your bulldog should only be titered to make sure he is protected. Vaccines are especially dangerous for pure breeds who have accumulated vaccine sensitivities over many generations.  And I am almost POSITIVE that over-vaccination and vaccines are the silent killer of many of our bulldogs.  

The number of bullies I know that were cured of their “auto-immune disease” after being detoxted is astonishing.

Vaccinosis is VERY REAL and completely ignored by conventional veterinary medicine as they thrive off the earnings. The animal is typically treated for the disease the vaccine has caused for the rest of it’s life. And then the drugs given do more damage then the disease it was attempting to fight.

If your bulldog (or any dog) is suffering from an auto-immune disease or allergies it is very likely they’re suffering from the effects of a vaccine gives recently or even years previous. They are absolutely dangerous for our bullies and I can’t express the seriousness of that statement.

Read more about it here.

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