Save your Pet by understanding the business of the Veterinary Medicine business

“If the goal is to make money it’s a business.”

I’m baaaack. Been busy building a company called Lashify. I created Lashify so I could make enough money to fund research that actually benefits pets. I didn’t need a little money. I needed a lot. If the pharmaceutical companies make all their money from patents, I thought I would do the same. So here I am!

I was told very clearly that if we want research that actually benefits pets— we have to pay for it and the only place that money will come from is pet parents who have an interest in the CURE, not the treatment. OK, I guess that’s me and you. It makes sense when you think about it:

The vaccine guy isn’t going to fund the test on how his vaccine contains some toxic stuff that might trigger auto immune disease in my dog and hurt his own business. The kibble guy doesn’t want me to know the kibble is actually causing inflammation, and bottom line is they will all want to hide it from our vets and future vets as well. And here we are. We could say it is what it is, but our animals are sick. So that’s not an option.

The veterinary industry makes money only on treatment, and part of the business of treatment comes from people not being informed…. keep us as dumb as possible. If no one knows there’s other things out there then… our future money is secure. The problem is in order to secure their money, people are being lied to.

So after 10 years of deeply diving into healing bulldogs… I can say with 1000000000% certainty that OVER-vaccination is the cause of almost every single auto-immune & skin disease in every bulldog I’ve ever met, along with seizures caused by flea tick medication.

Somehow these vaccines (because they’ve been so overdone in the gene pool) seem to be the root of almost all the unsolved mysteries. From minor to major. This is a big statement, but it’s also THAT prevalent.

For bulldogs: Distemper #1. Rabies #2. Flea Tick medication and Kibble. If you really what to f**k up your dog, do all of the above repeatedly.

How do I know this info? Well, it was an accident. My bulldog had an immediate reaction to a vaccine. No one knew what to do, including the best specialist in the world. So I took it into my own hands. The only thing that helped him was Homeopathy. Yep. Meanwhile, I was willing to pay anything, and I did. But that didn’t work. Thuja did. So then I helped a bunch of other dogs that seemed to have the same issue and every single time — EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME- the symptoms started days weeks, month after vaccine. Then next thing you know….. The Law of Patterns took effect and proved it. Once you see the same thing repeatedly, like THOUSANDS OF TIMES IN THE SAME BREED the Law of Patterns makes it a freaking fact. Who needs studies anymore? I’ve got all the proof I need. I do not need a study but clearly the FDA does.

It seems we’ve damaged the gene pool by over-vaccinating and over drugging them and their lineage for way too many years. And since Mars Inc has monopolized the pet industry it’s become lethal. Dogs are more F’ed up then ever. We’ve bred confused immune systems due to vets being taught to pimp vaccines like it’s no biggie and by intentionally mis-educating our future vets. I’m not being dramatic here. Bulldogs are on their way out unless we clean them up. Worst part, even the laws are being controlled by the pharmaceutical and dog food companies. When they say “raw is dangerous!” It’s all total bullsh*t. Anyway.

Immune systems are designed to work. God’s pretty smart. Check out the planet if you need proof. Yet we come in and we unnecessarily booster vaccinate repeatedly (not just once mind you!) and that beautiful immune system gets very confused. Then the dog is a disaster and then we breed them. Then the vet can’t fix them because they are devoid of all information that relates to the actual cause. Then they they blame the breed. Wait. What? No. That’s not what happened. The dog didn’t do it. You did. Notice how they never blame the drugs, only the dogs. Like one day your dog is fine. Next day he takes BRAVECTO. Next week he’s getting seizures. Your vet will somehow never ever ever ever ever EVERRRRRRR even consider that it’s the poison you just put on the dogs skin. Weird right? Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. You go into the ER, they ask you what you ate, what you took, where you’ve been. The vet doesn’t ask these things. Immediately blames breed! “It’s an auto immune disease.” Next.

Anyway, now, humans not only breed bulldogs that are disproportioned with blue eyes and weird bodies, but even the beautifully bred show winners now have a messed up DNA after being subjected to toxic overload. What did you expectv. This is all so logical. Yet we’ve been kept so dumb.

WHY are we even suggesting giving booster vaccines when the vaccine is designed to last forever? Unless you’re making money, it makes no sense. Oh. OHHHHHHHHHHH.

Now, by giving certain homeopathic remedies that hardly make anyone any money, for WHATEVER REASON, the ailments caused by vaccines begin to disappear. Poof. Gone. Even a book was written about this in the 1800s. It seems the Thuja tells the immune system what to do with all the adjuvants and antigens that are being rightfully perceived as foreign substances in the animals body causing illness.

I’ve found the #1 way to undo the havoc the vaccine is causing is by giving THUJA. I used to think 200c was good enough dose, but I found that after giving a bulldog, Mr. Bowser 1M, his head tremors and interdigital cysts went away. Magic? Nah. We’ve been dumbed down that’s all. These remedies work as long as the dog hasn’t been overly suppressed with steroids and antibiotics. I believe 1m is even more effective.

Please get thuja 1M from Amazon. Put three pellets in water bottle. Shake. Squirt in mouth. You can repeat for 3 days. If you see immediate improvement, no need to repeat. Rabies would require 200c lyssin. 3 times 3 days. Do these a few days apart.

I believe every single vaccinated dog needs this. There will be no side effects and you have nothing to lose. The beauty of nature.

Many have been brain washed to believe homeopathy is “quackery” and even more stupid, that it’s “dangerous”. When I started my own corporation, I realized when they say it’s “quackery”, it just means it works and they’re trying to protect their money not your dogs. Listen, as the owner of 70 patents worldwide, I get the gig.

Homeopathy is safe thats why moms buy it at Whole Foods and use it for teething, and every plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills recommends Arnica for swelling — so clearly this sh*t isn’t quackery.

And now it’s saved the lives of thousands of pets for like $5 each. No wonder no one wants you to know. So let’s do this.

PS. Soon I will share the story of Gizmo. Turns out our border collies are also at risk.

XOXO 💋 Not Bob.

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