Kibble: the biggest gaslight of the century. AGES are deadly.

We’ve all been told that a yummy bag of kibble (grain free!) is the epitome of nutrition… — only now a study proves that this is not true. Kibble, in fact, based on recent studies done by David Turner, a scientist at MUSC, is toxic just by the creation process due to being extremely high in AGES (advanced glycation end products). Kibble is so high in AGES that it’s deadly. That’s every single kibble. Grain free is even higher in AGES.

In order to create kibble one must cook protein, sugars (carbs) and fats at 400 degrees to bind together and make little pellets. The moment this “bond” happens a Maillard reaction takes place, and creates a carcinogen called Acrylamide. This has been proven to affect mitochondria. These are called AGES. Mitochondria alteration plays a central role in various oxidative stress-related diseases. In other words kibble creates inflammation aka : Cancer, allergies, heart disease and every chronic complication imaginable.

No vet in their right mind would recommend kibble if they knew this information. Except if they recommend raw they will get their license taken away. That’s because it seems the kibble companies are controlling the laws and the schools with all the sponsoring and funding.

For as long as I can remember all vets yelled me for feeding raw. “You’re going to kill your dog!” I trusted my instincts. Meanwhile, 15 years later my dogs outlasted the vets. It is not the vets fault though. We must see beyond that. We must focus on where the misinformation is coming from. Back in the day, Hills used to be the leader in dog food. It was started by a guy that loved dogs. Today Mars Inc. (the candy sugar company) rules the veterinary industry. Perhaps, its the fault of the unethical kibble companies that seem to be teaching our veterinarians inaccurate information.

Kibble is high in AGES creating irreversible damage, but meanwhile our vets have been taught to unintentionally make our dogs sick. Read that again. It’s that serious. Our future vets are being taught lies every day just so they can recommend and peddle kibble. What?! And then the same kibble company buys up all the veterinarian hospitals? Wonder why.

Please watch:

Our goal at is to fund studies and scientists like David Turner. We must support those who do the research that actually benefits our pets, pharmaceutical and dog food companies have no incentive to do research that benefit pets. One way we can protect our animals is by funding studies and pushing for truth not profit, making it difficult to change the narrative to false facts. You can make a profit without hurting animals. Luckily companies like PETCO are getting much more into wellness and less into sickness.

2 thoughts on “Kibble: the biggest gaslight of the century. AGES are deadly.

  1. Vets can loose their license for recommending natural feeding? It’s just outrageous and unbelievable! I am a Mexican Veteriarian and I can tell that that is not the case in Mexico. My last dog, Yak had to be put to sleep on January 2021after living 14 years, receiving at least for 10 years a natural raw chicken and vegetables diet. Yak was an 82 pound mixed blood dog. Judge the size and the age.


    1. 1000%. Most of the kibble produced is through extrusion, which basically creates starch and has little to no nutritional benefit. After eating, blood sugar spikes, insulin pours and blood sugar plunges. This puts a crazy amount of strain on the body and eventually, over time, disease will occur. Raw food is the way to go.


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