Kibble: the biggest gaslight of the century. AGES are deadly.

We’ve all been told that a yummy bag of kibble (grain free!) is the epitome of nutrition… — only now a study proves that this is not true. Kibble, in fact, based on recent studies done by David Turner, a scientist at MUSC, is toxic just by the creation process due to being extremely highContinue reading “Kibble: the biggest gaslight of the century. AGES are deadly.”

How to give Thuja 1m

Put 3-5 pellets inside a half bottle of water. Shake at least 20 times. Squirt a tablespoon or syringe into your pets mouth. Repeat 2 more times (2 more squirts). Don’t worry about “exact”. Natural medicine is not an exact science. The body will respond when the right amount of Thuja is given at theContinue reading “How to give Thuja 1m”

Call to action: Detox Your Pet ASAP

(Research PubMed for Thuja) I am of the personal opinion (after dealing with thousands of bulldogs) that the whole bulldog breed and other purebreds has been severely affected by adverse effects of over-vaccination (along with kibble etc but that’s another story). Somehow we’ve been totally brainwashed to not even consider that preservatives repeatedly just mightContinue reading “Call to action: Detox Your Pet ASAP”

Advocating for Homeopathy!

Action Alert!! Click HERE to voice your support for homeopathy TODAY!!! Deadline to act is Tuesday, December 2nd! What’s happening? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing to reclassify all homeopathic medicines. This would allow them to declare all homeopathic medicines illegal and withdraw any or all of them at any time. OurContinue reading “Advocating for Homeopathy!”