How to Heal Vaccinosis

Healing Your Bulldog For Real

Overheard in the Bulldog Community…

“My bulldog has skin problems.” 
“My bulldog has interdigital cysts.”
“My bulldog is allergic to everything.”
“My bulldog has an autoimmune disease.”
“My bulldog has a corneal ulcer.”
“My bulldog needs to go the vet every 5 seconds.”
“My bulldog has every bulldoggy issue and nothing helps!”

The complaints are always the same and the vet solutions are always the same: Antibiotics, apoquel, atopica, prednisone or surgery to remove it.

All these solutions are designed to remove the symptoms. Not by any means do they cure the patient, they simply make it so that we cannot see the problems anymore. For now.

If your dog has had too many vaccines including booster shots and has taken a lot of medication, and is suffering from acute or chronic illnesses, here is what you should do:

Bulldogs are extremely sensitive to medications and foods created by humans. Every time we use steroids or antibiotics, we pay the price. MRSA is way too common and it’s due to overuse of antibiotics. Steroids and antibiotics are life savers for emergency situations or infections but they are damaging for long term use and petty issues.

And from my experience the only way to have a truly healthy bully is to keep it natural.

If your dog is just allergic to everything it’s because his/her immune system is weak and not getting what it needs – whether that be a detox or better nutrition.  You also might have given him a bunch of drugs prescribed by your vet and now he/she is even weaker and around and around we go. It’s a bad cycle.

What to do first:

Everyone with a bulldog that has skin issues and that has also been vaccinated (especially more than once) needs to get a dose of Thuja 200c and Lyssin 200c.

Follow the Jean Dodd’s Vaccine Protocol and always give Thuja and Lyssin before and after vaccinations.

These two remedies are vaccine antidotes and will move the culprit toxins out of the system and bring back balance.  Many symptoms disappear once this happens.

If the damage is more severe due to overuse of medication, then it’s way more complicated but those initial remedies are essential and treatment is based on both the unique symptoms and personality of your bulldog. Please leave us a comment below and we will do our best to help.

So just detox your bulldog now. Don’t wait. It can only help them.  

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