Kibble: the biggest gaslight of the century. AGES are deadly.

We’ve all been told that a yummy bag of kibble (grain free!) is the epitome of nutrition… — only now a study proves that this is not true. Kibble, in fact, based on recent studies done by David Turner, a scientist at MUSC, is toxic just by the creation process due to being extremely high in AGES (advanced glycation end products). Kibble is so high in AGES that it’s deadly. That’s every single kibble. Grain free is even higher in AGES.

In order to create kibble one must cook protein, sugars (carbs) and fats at 400 degrees to bind together and make little pellets. The moment this “bond” happens a Maillard reaction takes place, and creates a carcinogen called Acrylamide. This has been proven to affect mitochondria. These are called AGES. Mitochondria alteration plays a central role in various oxidative stress-related diseases. In other words kibble creates inflammation aka : Cancer, allergies, heart disease and every chronic complication imaginable.

No vet in their right mind would recommend kibble if they knew this information. Except if they recommend raw they will get their license taken away. That’s because it seems the kibble companies are controlling the laws and the schools with all the sponsoring and funding.

For as long as I can remember all vets yelled me for feeding raw. “You’re going to kill your dog!” I trusted my instincts. Meanwhile, 15 years later my dogs outlasted the vets. It is not the vets fault though. We must see beyond that. We must focus on where the misinformation is coming from. Back in the day, Hills used to be the leader in dog food. It was started by a guy that loved dogs. Today Mars Inc. (the candy sugar company) rules the veterinary industry. Perhaps, its the fault of the unethical kibble companies that seem to be teaching our veterinarians inaccurate information.

Kibble is high in AGES creating irreversible damage, but meanwhile our vets have been taught to unintentionally make our dogs sick. Read that again. It’s that serious. Our future vets are being taught lies every day just so they can recommend and peddle kibble. What?! And then the same kibble company buys up all the veterinarian hospitals? Wonder why.

Please watch:

Our goal at is to fund studies and scientists like David Turner. We must support those who do the research that actually benefits our pets, pharmaceutical and dog food companies have no incentive to do research that benefit pets. One way we can protect our animals is by funding studies and pushing for truth not profit, making it difficult to change the narrative to false facts. You can make a profit without hurting animals. Luckily companies like PETCO are getting much more into wellness and less into sickness.

How to give Thuja 1m

Put 3-5 pellets inside a half bottle of water.

Shake at least 20 times.

Squirt a tablespoon or syringe into your pets mouth. Repeat 2 more times (2 more squirts). Don’t worry about “exact”. Natural medicine is not an exact science. The body will respond when the right amount of Thuja is given at the right potency.

Give one more dose on day 2.

Give one more dose on day 3.

If thuja is the right remedy, immediately the dog will be in a better mood. They will grab a toy to play and be super energized. That’s their way of telling you you’re on the right track!

That’s all there is to it. Thuja homeopathic remedy will help detoxify the preservatives in shots that trigger allergies, seizures, auto-immune etc. If conventional medicine was about the CURE they would be all over thuja. But it’s not.

Signs of detox are bumps, redness, rashes, etc appearing out of nowhere that quickly come and go. The animal seems completely unfazed.

If you have an animal that is on a lot of medication, I do not recommend 1m. I would start with 6c and contact a homeopath vet to help.

Call to action: Detox Your Pet ASAP

(Research PubMed for Thuja)

I am of the personal opinion (after dealing with thousands of bulldogs) that the whole bulldog breed and other purebreds has been severely affected by adverse effects of over-vaccination (along with kibble etc but that’s another story). Somehow we’ve been totally brainwashed to not even consider that preservatives repeatedly just might be toxic.

I am not by any means against vaccines given conservatively,

— but when dealing with a limited gene pool and multiple unnecessary vaccines of show dogs that are bred, we have adversely affected their immune systems (regardless of perfect confirmation). People keep blaming the breed, but I promise there’s a lot more to it.

The logic is simple: Pure bred show dogs that keep the pure breed alive; require multiple vaccines to participate, they then breed with other show dogs of the same vaccine schedule and I believe that vicious cycle had created a vaccine sensitive dog that exhibits all these vaccine related issues such as: interdigital cysts, hair loss, allergies, arthritis, cancer, tremors, allergies, auto immune, vasculitis, pemphigus etc etc. All you have to do is look – every time the symptoms starts within a couple weeks or months of a vaccine.

Based on the number of cases I’ve seen, vaccine damage in bulldogs is undoubtedly a fact and an epidemic. I cannot speak for the severity in other breeds.

Vaccinosis is a result of too many vaccines that mutate or effect the DNA and create a myriad of immune problems. It’s now a man-made genetic disease that is also passed on to the future generations, meaning apparently an unvaccinated dog can still be affected and also benefit from being detoxified.

So what to do? Other than whine about how we are asking the people who did it to fix it and how it’s all corrupt blah blah.

I believe the answer is homeopathy. Harmless. Natural. Used for centuries. And somehow it freaking works. It’s the only thing I’ve found to REVERSE symptoms repeatedly. I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face. It’s astounding.

Detoxing with food is a great step, but it will only address one layer – but we cannot expect an overly taxed body and flailing immune system to detoxify fully with just the change of diet — especially when dealing with viruses in the most virulent form along with multiple adjuvants. Homeopathy assists the body and cells in removing the toxins.

The right remedy is like the conductor of a symphony, instructing the immune system via the organs on how to remove the adjuvants, antigens and bring the body back to balance. Our veterinarians are taught that homeopathy is “woo” – not real, and there’s no science.

You’ll find thousands of studies on PubMed , but everyone pretends like they don’t exist. It’s so bizarre. It’s not though, it’s intentionally not taught and dismissed as “woo” for good reason.

That should tell you how well it works. Some lobbyists want to ban it.

Our veterinarians are also taught vaccine reactions are rare. This is absolutely false. They are not rare. They are constant. They are always. They are just delayed. And why are we taking a vaccine companies word for it? They have no incentive to be honest and are certainly not testing on the dangers of their products.

Vaccine damage to the bulldog is 100% certain. Based on the tremendous response to Thuja, they seem to be the cause for every mysterious illness, itch, allergy, bump, GI issue, even degenerative joint disease. People could save billions of dollars a year if they just blamed what was right in front of them – the shot you just gave contains aluminum, Mercury, Thimerosol. That’s nice that they are just now discussing removing these preservatives for humans mostly, but the damage has been done. We need to address it.

As long as our educational system is controlled by the pharmaceutical companies, they (or we) will never be provided with truthful data that benefits the health of our pets. Parents, breeders, etc we have no choice other than to look elsewhere for answers. And so we did. And here we are. Bob has almost 50k followers, every single bulldog I’ve dealt with has needed to be detoxed.

Vaccines need to be detoxed. It doesn’t matter when you got them. They seem to be the cause of skin allergies, seizures, heart problems, tremors and auto immune galore. Reactions are common. Future issues are certain. I’ve seen the worst reactions with vaccines made by Borhringer Ingelheim, Zoetis, the least ones with Neotech. 3 ways or 5 way vaccines are the worst vaccines you could administer.

Distemper vaccine should be given once, titered and never again. Rabies should be given only when required by law. Both should always be detoxified from the body using remedies. Why wouldn’t you? You have literally nothing to lose.

Distemper : thuja. 200c. Then move up to 1m.

Rabies : lyssin. 200c.

It doesn’t matter if conventional medicine doesn’t recognize “detoxing and natural medicine” they also don’t have any cures for auto immune disease and don’t know “where” it’s from. I believe healing should be about solutions, not limitation on what you can and cannot do and fear of losing your license. Fix my dog. Thats why I’m paying you. That’s really all I care about.

Healthy adult bulldogs and other purebreds should all take Thuja 1m.

Puppies should take thuja 200c before & after vaccination and also work up to 1m by 6 months. Do not use other remedies at 1m other than Thuja.

If there’s reactions to rabies vaccine, especially seizures, you need lyssin 200c 3 times for 2 – 3 days.

Homeopathy cures like with like. It’s not an exact science. The idea is that the body can only have one disease of the same thing at the same time. So if it is exposed to the same disease or symptoms of that disease at a higher strength, the weaker one will disappear. That actually makes sense to me. You give the little pellet in potencies that match the degree of the symptoms.

When we give thuja, it’s going to mimic the reactions to the vaccine – at a higher degree – and then the real reaction should disappear and so will the effects of the remedy.

We can start to clean up the gene pool by detoxing all bulldogs. Wouldn’t that be grand? Please share.

Check out this article to read what’s inside vaccines from specific companies.

Advocating for Homeopathy!

Action Alert!!

Click HERE to voice your support for homeopathy TODAY!!!

Deadline to act is Tuesday, December 2nd!

What’s happening? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing to reclassify all homeopathic medicines. This would allow them to declare all homeopathic medicines illegal and withdraw any or all of them at any time.

Our friends at Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AFHC) submitted a petition to the FDA urging them to reconsider this classification. This petition is supported by leading homeopathy organizations, including the National Center for Homeopathy. The petition proposes regulations to ensure the quality and purity of homeopathic medicines while maintaining access to the full range of medicines important for health care. This petition was submitted because it is necessary to go beyond simply trying to modify the FDA’s proposed Draft Guidance, a document that will not address the problems the FDA has identified and which is wholly inadequate for meeting the needs of the homeopathy community.

Now, we need your help. We’re submitting comments to the FDA in support of the petition. You can submit comments directly to the FDA website. You will find the petition there as well. Background information to craft your comments can be found here.

Save your Pet by understanding the business of the Veterinary Medicine business

“If the goal is to make money it’s a business.”

I’m baaaack. Been busy building a company called Lashify. I created Lashify so I could make enough money to fund research that actually benefits pets. I didn’t need a little money. I needed a lot. If the pharmaceutical companies make all their money from patents, I thought I would do the same. So here I am!

I was told very clearly that if we want research that actually benefits pets— we have to pay for it and the only place that money will come from is pet parents who have an interest in the CURE, not the treatment. OK, I guess that’s me and you. It makes sense when you think about it:

The vaccine guy isn’t going to fund the test on how his vaccine contains some toxic stuff that might trigger auto immune disease in my dog and hurt his own business. The kibble guy doesn’t want me to know the kibble is actually causing inflammation, and bottom line is they will all want to hide it from our vets and future vets as well. And here we are. We could say it is what it is, but our animals are sick. So that’s not an option.

The veterinary industry makes money only on treatment, and part of the business of treatment comes from people not being informed…. keep us as dumb as possible. If no one knows there’s other things out there then… our future money is secure. The problem is in order to secure their money, people are being lied to.

So after 10 years of deeply diving into healing bulldogs… I can say with 1000000000% certainty that OVER-vaccination is the cause of almost every single auto-immune & skin disease in every bulldog I’ve ever met, along with seizures caused by flea tick medication.

Somehow these vaccines (because they’ve been so overdone in the gene pool) seem to be the root of almost all the unsolved mysteries. From minor to major. This is a big statement, but it’s also THAT prevalent.

For bulldogs: Distemper #1. Rabies #2. Flea Tick medication and Kibble. If you really what to f**k up your dog, do all of the above repeatedly.

How do I know this info? Well, it was an accident. My bulldog had an immediate reaction to a vaccine. No one knew what to do, including the best specialist in the world. So I took it into my own hands. The only thing that helped him was Homeopathy. Yep. Meanwhile, I was willing to pay anything, and I did. But that didn’t work. Thuja did. So then I helped a bunch of other dogs that seemed to have the same issue and every single time — EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME- the symptoms started days weeks, month after vaccine. Then next thing you know….. The Law of Patterns took effect and proved it. Once you see the same thing repeatedly, like THOUSANDS OF TIMES IN THE SAME BREED the Law of Patterns makes it a freaking fact. Who needs studies anymore? I’ve got all the proof I need. I do not need a study but clearly the FDA does.

It seems we’ve damaged the gene pool by over-vaccinating and over drugging them and their lineage for way too many years. And since Mars Inc has monopolized the pet industry it’s become lethal. Dogs are more F’ed up then ever. We’ve bred confused immune systems due to vets being taught to pimp vaccines like it’s no biggie and by intentionally mis-educating our future vets. I’m not being dramatic here. Bulldogs are on their way out unless we clean them up. Worst part, even the laws are being controlled by the pharmaceutical and dog food companies. When they say “raw is dangerous!” It’s all total bullsh*t. Anyway.

Immune systems are designed to work. God’s pretty smart. Check out the planet if you need proof. Yet we come in and we unnecessarily booster vaccinate repeatedly (not just once mind you!) and that beautiful immune system gets very confused. Then the dog is a disaster and then we breed them. Then the vet can’t fix them because they are devoid of all information that relates to the actual cause. Then they they blame the breed. Wait. What? No. That’s not what happened. The dog didn’t do it. You did. Notice how they never blame the drugs, only the dogs. Like one day your dog is fine. Next day he takes BRAVECTO. Next week he’s getting seizures. Your vet will somehow never ever ever ever ever EVERRRRRRR even consider that it’s the poison you just put on the dogs skin. Weird right? Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. You go into the ER, they ask you what you ate, what you took, where you’ve been. The vet doesn’t ask these things. Immediately blames breed! “It’s an auto immune disease.” Next.

Anyway, now, humans not only breed bulldogs that are disproportioned with blue eyes and weird bodies, but even the beautifully bred show winners now have a messed up DNA after being subjected to toxic overload. What did you expectv. This is all so logical. Yet we’ve been kept so dumb.

WHY are we even suggesting giving booster vaccines when the vaccine is designed to last forever? Unless you’re making money, it makes no sense. Oh. OHHHHHHHHHHH.

Now, by giving certain homeopathic remedies that hardly make anyone any money, for WHATEVER REASON, the ailments caused by vaccines begin to disappear. Poof. Gone. Even a book was written about this in the 1800s. It seems the Thuja tells the immune system what to do with all the adjuvants and antigens that are being rightfully perceived as foreign substances in the animals body causing illness.

I’ve found the #1 way to undo the havoc the vaccine is causing is by giving THUJA. I used to think 200c was good enough dose, but I found that after giving a bulldog, Mr. Bowser 1M, his head tremors and interdigital cysts went away. Magic? Nah. We’ve been dumbed down that’s all. These remedies work as long as the dog hasn’t been overly suppressed with steroids and antibiotics. I believe 1m is even more effective.

Please get thuja 1M from Amazon. Put three pellets in water bottle. Shake. Squirt in mouth. You can repeat for 3 days. If you see immediate improvement, no need to repeat. Rabies would require 200c lyssin. 3 times 3 days. Do these a few days apart.

I believe every single vaccinated dog needs this. There will be no side effects and you have nothing to lose. The beauty of nature.

Many have been brain washed to believe homeopathy is “quackery” and even more stupid, that it’s “dangerous”. When I started my own corporation, I realized when they say it’s “quackery”, it just means it works and they’re trying to protect their money not your dogs. Listen, as the owner of 70 patents worldwide, I get the gig.

Homeopathy is safe thats why moms buy it at Whole Foods and use it for teething, and every plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills recommends Arnica for swelling — so clearly this sh*t isn’t quackery.

And now it’s saved the lives of thousands of pets for like $5 each. No wonder no one wants you to know. So let’s do this.

PS. Soon I will share the story of Gizmo. Turns out our border collies are also at risk.

XOXO 💋 Not Bob.

How Sheldon Got Healed

Sheldon is his mom and dad’s first born child. He came from a Bulldog Hall of Fame breeder and is from champion blood lines. There is nothing his parents wouldn’t do for him.

They never missed a rabies, distemper or bordetella vaccine or booster shot since he was 10 weeks old.

Here’s a summary of what happened to him after He got his first vaccines:

  • Alopecia (bald spots)on the top of his head presented (This was diagnosed as demodex several weeks after he received the rabies vaccination).
  • Severe nose discharge, sneezing and coughing after the bordetella vaccine (This was diagnosed and treated as kennel cough, the disease the vaccine is allegedly designed to protect against).
  • Chronic ear infections, interdigital cysts and a mass developed in his skin fold (These were diagnosed as allergies).


Prednisone. A whole lot of prednisone. Vets love to prescribe steroids, It’s like the go-to for any ailment. The vet also highly recommended Royal Canin’s rabbit kibble formula. Sheldon was also on apoquel for a hot minute, but his mom researched how truly damaging this medication is and took him off of it immediately. His parents also paid about $500 for allergy tests to determine any food or environmental allergies. Guess what? The results determined that he did NOT have any allergies what-so-ever. The vet also said that because he didn’t have allergies, his interdigital cysts were attributed to a “weight-bearing issue?” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?


He was diagnosed with vasculitis, an autoimmune disease, which for Sheldon, meant small bumps and alopecia on his ear tips. The vet did expensive skin scrapes and prescribed pentoxifylline to treat symptoms. This actually worked for a while until it didn’t. About a year later, his symptoms came back with a vengeance and had NECROSIS, which is awful and literally is the death of body tissue. The vet prescribed pentoxifylline again and added some steroids, because why not? He then was diagnosed with giardia and a gastrointestinal infection. She said he would need to be on medication for the rest of his life.


Sheldon’s parents were spending thousands of dollars at the vet on visits, medication and vet-recommended kibble. If they were following all of the vet’s instructions, why wasn’t he getting better? In fact he was getting sicker and sicker. Sheldon was also miserable and had to pee every hour on the hour because of the steroids. Sheldon was miserable, which means his mom was miserable, which means his dad was miserable. Can you relate?

Out of absolute desperation, one does what one has to do and turns to social media. Thankfully, Sheldon’s mom found Bob’s mom on instagram and life for Sheldon’s life and his parent’s lives has only gotten better since. Sheldon’s mom started home-cooking a white fish and veggie diet, with a digestive enzyme, calcium, fish oil and golden paste as described in “Healing Your Bulldog Part 3”). Sheldon saw an integrative vet who prescribed 2 homeopathic remedies (nux vomica 30c to detox all of the steroids and antibiotics from his system and lachesis 30c to heal his vasculitis). His parents were complete skeptics and thought there was absolutely no chance this would work.

Within 48 hours, his ears improved significantly. The necrosis began to reverse itself. Within a week, almost all of the bumps on his ears were gone and his fur started to grow back. Within a month, his ears were entirely healed. By the way, the remedies that fixed him cost about $8.00 each.


Vaccines made him sick. Prednisone made him sicker. Kibble didn’t help him any.

Sheldon got off of the too many vaccines + too much medication + poor nutrition merry-go-round and was healed of all autoimmune diseases including vasculitis and allergies and all “bulldog issues” including hot spots, interdigital cysts and ear infections.

He is on a raw diet with goat’s milk. He has not taken steroids or antibiotics since 2017. He will never get a rabies vaccine again because the vaccine itself compromises his immune system. Instead, his homeopathic vet provides an exemption letter. As for the distemper vaccine and any other booster, a titer blood test is always done to determine what vaccines he actually needs. He has never been healthier or happier and is undoubtedly living his best life.

Healing Your Pet – Part One

“My pet has skin problems!  
“My dog has interdigital cysts.”
“My Collie has a corneal ulcer.”
“My cat is allergic to everything.”
“My bulldog has every bulldoggy issue and nothing helps!”

The complaints are always the same and the vet solutions are always the same: Prednisone, antibiotics, Atopica, Apoquel, or surgery to remove it.

All these solutions are designed to remove the symptoms. Not by any means do they cure the patient, they simply make it so that we cannot see the problems anymore. For now.

When your dog or cat takes prednisone for chronic skin problems the prednisone is simply pushing the disease down.  The disease never really leaves. It just moves around into another major organ and appears later as a completely different problem.  “Oh steroids healed his pemphigus. But now he has a kidney disease and pancreatitis”. If you ever wonder why it’s one thing after the other with your animal – think back to when it all started.  Efficacy in long term steroids can be an illusion while the disease just changes form.

So what to do?

Well the first thing we must understand is: if your furry friend is having issues it’s because the immune system is weak.

Then we must ask, WHY is the immune system weak? Did we unknowingly give them something to make their immune system weak? Probably!

Pure breeds like bulldogs are extremely sensitive to medications and foods created by MAN.  Every time we use steroids or antibiotics we pay the price. MRSA is way too common and it’s due to overuse of antibiotics. Steroids and antibiotics are life savers for emergency situations or infections but they are damaging for long term use and petty issues.

And from my experience the only way to have a truly healthy pet is to keep it natural.

Major culprits:

  • Unhealthy foods the dog isn’t designed to process.
  • Vaccinations that overwhelmed the body.
  • Overuse of medications.

If your pet is just allergic to everything it’s because the immune system is weak and not getting what it needs – whether that be a detox or better nutrition.  You also might have given him a bunch of drugs your vet prescribed and now he’s even weaker. It’s a bad cycle.

Take the Bulldog breed, for example. Vets in majority don’t understand them.  Even Bulldog Vets that claim to be experts don’t really understand bulldogs in my opinion. They understand WHAT plagues them but they don’t understand how to CURE them once and for all.

Only an integrative vet will begin to understand how to heal our animals, but many of them don’t focus on specific breeds.

I’ve found that the people that understand how to heal breed specific pets are the people that are obsessed with that specific breed, and are obsessed with health, nutrition and healing.  Any pet owner can be that person. You just have to be willing to spend the time.

Or better yet find someone who did the obsessing for you and learn from their experience.

STEP ONE: Everyone with a pet that has skin issues and that has also been vaccinated (especially more than once) needs to get a dose of Thuja 200c and Lyssin 200c.

These two remedies are vaccine antidotes and will move the culprit toxins out of the system and bring back balance.  Many symptoms disappear once this happens.

If the damage is more severe due to overuse of medication, then it’s way more complicated but those initial remedies are essential.

You’d be SHOCKED how many domesticated animals are sick due to over vaccination and suffer from skin issues and a myriad of other ailments.

I actually think the purebred dog is allergic to vaccines due to overvaccination in their genetic line.

The Distemper vaccine creates majority of the skin issues (even ACL issues) and the Rabies vaccine has even been the culprit for sudden aggression, hose obsession, fear of running water etc.

You can read more about it here and here.

So just detox your pet now. Don’t wait. It can only help them.  

DO NOT do booster vaccines.  The negative reactions are usually due to the Boosters they didn’t need.

We absolutely must vaccinate,  but it must be done with great care!

Who in their right mind would vaccinate their human kid every year?  Or go to the doctor and say “oh yeah I’m not sure if my kid had that vaccine shot yet, so whatever, just give it again!”

Why is it standard for our animals? Its crazy.

Follow the Jean Dodd’s Vaccine Protocol and always give Thuja and Lyssin before and after vaccinations.

Instead of boosters do blood titers.  Titers will confirm if they are protected already.   If they are not protected, then you do a repeat vaccine (with appropriate remedies).

Your vet might say it’s not big deal if you vaccinate them, again  well its a huge deal.

That very vaccine is also the culprit of  the rise in auto-immune diseases (more on that later).  I’ve seen this too many times to count.

Don’t just listen to a vet. Ask questions. Research.

Sadly, many of our own vets have been brainwashed and others just refuse to see the writing on the wall. Over-vaccination is extremely dangerous. But it’s a big business with a x30 profit margin. In other words it costs them $1.00 and they charge you $30.00.

But why change it? A sick pet is an expensive pet.

Anyone can be a vet, not every vet is a healer.

Homeopathy, holistic and natural medicine are not money makers. So you won’t hear about it as much–but it IS the ONLY WAY TO TRULY CURE OUR ANIMALS NATURALLY.

Notice I used the word cure — because nothing else should ever suffice.

Coming up next, what to feed your dog.

The Veterinary pharmaceutical companies are truly cray.

Guys. It’s crazy out there. What’s happening right before us is not that different than what we see in a Hollywood movie of how a pharmaceutical company is hiding the cure to some deathly disease just to save trillions.  It’s actually true! They are. Especially for the easy targets – animals.

Sadly, making animal or human medicine has absolutely nothing to do with caring about animals or humans.  It’s purely a business that is lucrative. Pharmaceutical companies fear the public finding out that natural and homeopathic remedies ACTUALLY WORK (with no repercussions).  They fear it so much that they actually spend millions on trying to dismiss the remedies or make them illegal.

I bring this whole thing up only because it’s probably why our own conventional vets are so addicted to prescribing drugs and dismissing all things natural.   Isn’t it kind of weird that most don’t advise anything natural for ANIMALS???

I’m open to anything that actually works without damage. Western, Eastern, whatever. Why aren’t they?  Some will tell you there isn’t enough research. Yet when there is research they go out of their way to dismiss the findings.

Here some research on  charcoal and two years later the pharm companies come along with their own study done by their own doctors at “Vanderbilt”  negating the efficacy of charcoal.

Hmm. Why spend money trying to dismiss the efficacy of activated charcoal? They’re not in the charcoal business?  Simple. Because they don’t want anyone trying it and realizing it works! And it’s cheap AF!

These companies can’t monopolize activated charcoal.  Or anything natural at that.

Check out Lolas story. Charcoal was a major element in her protocol. So crazy powerful internally and topically.

Read about Lola HERE and read towards to the present date.

They want us to believe its all snake oil.  And they are so adamant about it. I’m assuming they just don’t know any better.


Amazing and Terrible.

The Danger of Vaccines

We all know that vaccines are necessary – but they are absolutely not necessary repeatedly!  After the core vaccines your bulldog should only be titered to make sure he is protected. Vaccines are especially dangerous for pure breeds who have accumulated vaccine sensitivities over many generations.  And I am almost POSITIVE that over-vaccination and vaccines are the silent killer of many of our bulldogs.  

The number of bullies I know that were cured of their “auto-immune disease” after being detoxted is astonishing.

Vaccinosis is VERY REAL and completely ignored by conventional veterinary medicine as they thrive off the earnings. The animal is typically treated for the disease the vaccine has caused for the rest of it’s life. And then the drugs given do more damage then the disease it was attempting to fight.

If your bulldog (or any dog) is suffering from an auto-immune disease or allergies it is very likely they’re suffering from the effects of a vaccine gives recently or even years previous. They are absolutely dangerous for our bullies and I can’t express the seriousness of that statement.

Read more about it here.

Quick Tips on Keeping Pets Healthy! Written Not By Bob

  1. Feed a raw diet or a home cooked diet. I can’t express how truly nasty most dog food is. A kibble diet, regardless of how high end, will never be as beneficial as a raw diet.
  2. Vaccinate slowly and only one at a time. Do not do booster shots – only titer test the blood and confirm the dog has immunity therefore no need to booster. Bulldogs are really sensitive and most vets don’t seem to get this. Including self proclaimed breed specific specialists.
  3. Please don’t feed sugars. Not even a random donut or cookie. Throw them a piece of raw meat or even cooked meat. Makes me CRAY when popular accounts on Instagram show the dog downing things like cake and ice cream as if it makes us super nice parents. Ice cream, whipped cream, all that stuff etc is lethal for pets. You might think this is an exaggerated statement but trust me, it’s not! Breeds like Bulldogs are sensitive and yeast is the greatest enemy. All these skin issues you see are yeast related. Yeast thrives off sugar. An overabundance of yeast is actually linked to carcinoma. Sugar is poison to dogs because they do not have the digestive enzymes to process so it ends up being processed like a toxin. It remains in the system. Cancer and it’s friends feed off sugar. All these cancer rates have everything to do with DIET. Our animals are not designed to eat process the sugars in whipped cream and cake.
  4. Bi-weekly massages to keep their joints lubricated and flexible. Buy the book The Well Adjusted Dog on amazon. Massage the hell out of your fur baby!
  5. Supplements and preventative measures always. Golden paste, probiotics, kelp etc.
  6. Protect them from your stress and family’s stress and remember they are super sensitive and pick up on all vibes. That’s why crystals are amazing! Amethyst, Malachite and even tourmaline will do the job!