How Harry the Foster got Healed

Harry is 7 month old bulldog that came into rescue from a backyard breeder.  His skin was infected from head to toe. I decided to foster him for Roadogs because I knew I could help him. I’ve been into natural medicine since I was young and always trusted nature.  I have found that the best way to heal animals is to stay as close to nature to possible. Doesn’t matter how man made the breed is – their insides are always the same as their ancestors

Harry the Lamb

Harry’s skin was so bad that most vets would have put  Harry on Benadryl and steroids to bring down the inflammation and to get immediate results.   Steroids will just shut off his immune system which is already weak. It doesn’t solve the issue, it will make him weaker which was the overall issue.  (If the animal doesn’t respond at first to whatever you’re trying it’s because it’s usually the wrong protocol)

To heal Harry the first question I needed to solve was why did harry look this way?  His paws were red and swollen with puss filled sores. His neck was inflamed and he had all these little  blood filled cysts. His skin was bright red and was hot. And he had that yeasty smell.

During his first bath I found a tick that was crawling around.  I could see various bites around his body. I felt like I wanted itch when I saw his skin.  He is only 7 months so a food allergy seemed unlikely. I checked his ears – they were clean.   If it is a food allergy – the ears will react first (its internal) and then the inside of the paws. In Harry’s case, the inside of his paws and ears were clean.  Harry has a really tight tail pocket and when I went in there… clean as a whistle. THIS confirmed what I thought: Harry was reacting to something external and most likely flea and tick bites. I was surprised at how many bites he had.  

But then I observed him for a bit and found the way he got into a  scratching posture to be very telling. He knew exactly what position to go for a certain spot and he was a PROFESSIONAL scratcher.  He had the moves down and obviously was alone a lot. I inspected his fur and his paws I saw that all the areas that he could reach, scratch or bite was where the infection was. He had gigantic hot spots all up and down his back that were hidden by his thick fur.  I only found them a few days later because I could smell them. It took four baths to get him clean and find all the wounds. I’d never even seen a hot spot until then!

It was clear that this was all a secondary infection which turned into pyrotraumatic dermatitis – a perfect breeding ground for yeast and the staph bacteria to take over in abundance.

Personal bulldog mom expert and natural healer diagnosis: Harry had a flea/tick sensitivity  that turned into a series of secondary yeast and staph infections due to self trauma ( he scratched at it himself for hours a time).

Plan of Action:

Remove exposure to fleas and ticks.

Bathe aggressively but gently every day.

Attack the infection externally with medical shampoos, vet shampoos, sprays, natural herbal oils. Activated charcoal and clay to bring out the toxins.

Attack the infection internally by strengthening his immune system, using strong natural antibiotics, inflammatories and remedies. Turmeric is powerful, I knew golden paste would do the trick to stop the inflammation.

Bulldogs are supremely empathic and sensitive creatures.  That’s why we love them. Often due to c-sections they lack certain bacterias from the mother and have compromised immune systems.  Their immune systems must be built with probiotics as puppies so they can grow to be strong and non-allergic.

Harry was revaccinated a few days before he arrived here and apparently his condition got even worse. Vaccines can potentially weaken the immune system of a sensitive bulldog puppy to a point where all the issues in a bully’s genetic line start to pop up – so its important to only vaccinate a dog when it is strong. And vaccinations should be done one at a time (not the triple ones).  Ideally all puppies should be vaccinated at 14 weeks (when the maternal immunity wears off – via Dr. Jean Dodds protocol) this would avoid a lot of allergy issues.

When supplements work (like nu-pro etc)  it’s because they strengthened the dogs immune system so it could do what it’s meant to do – not have allergic reactions.  Dogs with allergies have weak immune systems, if you just make them strong with nutrition, herbs and healthy bacterias you can give their immune systems a chance to fight off sickness  – you can avoid it. By giving more steroids and pumping them up with antibiotics they don’t need, you’re only suppressing the reaction while creating a weaker system.

Harry’s protocol:

  • Golden paste – turmeric,  pepper and coconut oil for inflammation and immunity.
  • Colostrum to build immunity
  • Raw goats milk
  • Probiotics with L. plantarum & B. bifidum
  • Reishi mushroom extract to build immunity.
  • Raw Garlic crushed cloves for infection and antibiotic (considered safe for dogs)
  • kelp supplements
  • fish oil

Diet – The protocol was a raw diet of fish and cool meats (based on Chinese medicine). I recently moved him to honest kitchen fish and coconut.

Harry had a hard to break habit of scratching – so I put him in clothing and clipped his nails and kept an eye on him.

In about 5-6 days the improvement was night and day!

(Later I will go into BOBs diet.  In short, he’s mostly raw. Sometimes I give him cooked. Depends on where we are. When lazy I might give dehydrated patties with goats milk or something like that).

Happy to answer any questions in the comment section!

Healing Your Pet – Part 2 – Diet – By Not Bob

Dogs have 42 teeth designed to cut meat and bone, just like wolves.  They are genetically designed to survive and eat prey (not donuts or pizza).

How come bacteria in meat doesn’t bother wolves but it bothers our dogs?  It doesn’t! Bacteria in meats doesn’t bother our wolves OR our dogs.

Where did kibble come from?  

Some guy.  Maybe the same guy that invented Cheetos. Some guy that wanted something easy and fast to feed dogs where he could make money and so he came up with kibble.  He didn’t come up with it because it was good for the dog. It was easy for the human and its cheap to make.

Did you know that Purina and all those big food companies sponsor many of the Vet schools?   And most of our own vets that we trust are literally taught in school that this F-grade food is good for our dogs (and are even taught to believe raw meat is bad and dangerous.) Don’t you agree that might be a little bias? Obviously if Purina is paying for the school programs they will teach the students that Purina is good!

A Vet that claims raw meat is dangerous and bad, is also saying Mother Nature knows nothing.   Be sure you understand thisbackwards logic before you blindly accept it as the truth. Any vet that says RAW MEAT is dangerous is basically saying:

Mother Nature has made all animals self sufficient,  except for our DOGS (who have 99% DNA of the wolf). Since our dogs live in our house and are “domesticated” their insides must have somehow changed (even though x-rays show they look identical to wolves) and if they eat prey they are designed to catch they will now die of bones and bacteria.  Therefore, our dogs need kibble to live. With this logic, before kibble they must have all died…

But they didn’t– they actually lived longer back then. Less cancer rates. Less autoimmune diseases.

As you can see this anti-raw vet logic makes zero sense.   Feeding cheap kibble, the cause of many ailments (including cancer, tumors etc) also makes zero sense.

People I swear I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  I don’t even care about politics. I’m not making money on this.  I have zero incentive. But once I delved deep into healing dogs (over a decade ago)  I realized that it’s not about our dogs health at all. It’s about the bottom line. And it’s all smoke and mirrors.

What’s even scarier is that many of these nice vets totally believe what they’re saying.  It’s like this insane domino effect of misinformation and lies being passed around.

How do I know it’s a lie?   Because Mother Nature, a natural diet and herbs can CURE a animal skin problem for very little money where conventional medicine cannot for all the money in the world.

So back to my kibble rant:

If you want to feed your allergic pet kibble, stop here.  I can’t help you.

For real.  It’s impossible to have a thriving, super healthy, kibble fed bully with great skin and perfect health and minimal shedding.  I’ve never seen it. They don’t thrive off kibble. They can live off of it, but not thrive.

The best diet is a raw diet.  Or Dehydrated raw (ie. k9 Natural & Ziwi Peak are both great)

The next best is a cooked diet.

Basically no kibble.  Real meat. Don’t they deserve at least that?

Why would a dog be healthy  on a processed grained version of meat (chicken meal) instead of REAL ACTUAL MEAT? They don’t even have the enzymes to even process kibble correctly (which is why kibble fed dogs drastically improve when given enzymes).

Why are breeds like bulldogs so gassy? Hmmm. Your vet will tell you it’s a bulldog thing.  Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Because from the beginning of time any medical doctor will tell you that excessive gas is the result of lactose intolerance, food intolerance, celiac disease etc.  Excessive gas happens due to a lack of enzymes.

IN OTHER WORDS OUR DOGS LACK ENZYMES and must be fed a species appropriate diet.

I used to take Bob to a daycare with a pack of bullies.  Once in a while when I’d pick him up he would have gas. I’d know right away they fed something I wouldn’t have approved of!

Dogs were designed to eat meat and bones. That’s why they have those teeth.

When we feed and treat them far away from what nature intended, the problems will arise.

This fake meat kibble (even grain free) is McDonalds at best.  Of course there some better kibble like Orijin but that’s like sayingIn and Out is better than McDonalds.  How about you give up giving your dog fast food?

Just because “Tank” doesn’t have to hunt for meat, doesn’t mean his digestive system is any different then it was 10000 years ago.

Regardless of their wrinkles and genetic manipulation, the animal insides remain the same as his ancestors.

Tank is designed to eat raw foods with tons of bacterias and  he is also designed to handle and digest these foods with ease and thrive off the blood, vitamins, organs and bones.  Raw is the diet that Mother Nature created for them to survive on. A raw diet acts as medicine for an animal to keep them healthy.   That yellow acid (bile) will process all bacterias and even bones.

Don’t project human logic  on dogs. Humans can’t handle raw meat (we have large intestine and different digestive tract) — but dogs are not human.


Your vet is…. eh… NOT SMART.    Ask your vet how many salmonella cases he or she has personally treated.  Then ask him how many kidney and liver failure patients he’s treated due to use of steroids and drugs that he prescribed them.

Then get a new vet with an open mind that wants to actually heal your dog and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Or just ignore your vet and don’t ask.

Keep it natural and you’ll never go to the vet anymore anyway.

Raw food for dogs is as good as it gets.

The best. The greatest.

HOWEVER if you cook a bone THEN it is dangerous. You cannot feed a dog cooked bones. It can break their teeth and have the ability to tear their insides.


Also, any dog that has a “protein allergy” is dealing with way bigger immune issues.

Food allergies come from overuse of certain proteins while the dog is unhealthy so they build an antibody to it.  They pass that on genetically so some dogs are more sensitive then others.

When the immune system is weak the problems in the genetic line will magnify.  All the issues they’re ancestors had will surface the weaker they get AKA bulldoggy issues (dry eye, corneal ulcers, hives, allergies, pemphigus, interdigital cysts etc)

Heal the immune system and you’re good.

If raw makes you nervous or you’re not ready for it or it just grosses you out, no problem.

Cooked food is excellent too.  

What to feed … next post.

Healing Your Pet Part 3 cont. A Raw Feeding Recipe

A few have asked what I feed. I’ve been feeding raw for over 11 years so the way I feed is the same way you might feed your kids. It’s always different.

I’ll go to the grocery store (aka farmers market or Chinese and Mexican markets because they carry more novel meats at better prices) and I’ll do my shopping.  I’ll usually buy tons of meat at the same time. Rabbit (it’s ew), chicken wings and whole Cornish hens, quails (my personal favorite), ox tail, lamb ribs, pork ribs and ground beef etc.  They don’t really like turkey or duck. But that’s just them.

I’ll also usually have a few bags of dehydrated raw laying around  because I’m always traveling and it’s easy. Or sometimes I’ll just be lazy and will feed them that for a couple weeks.

I have an extra ice cream type freezer in the garage for their food and I’ll just decide what to thaw and feed as I go.

Or maybe I’ll feed them something cooked. It really depends.  But this usually happens after your really comfortable with this way of feeding.

The whole point of raw feeding is to mimic what they would eat in the wild.

When a wolf dog kills its prey it eats the stomach first.   The stomach is filled with processed vegetation which contains important enzymes.  This is otherwise known as “green tripe”. Every dog goes insane for it.

You can buy frozen tripe online or rarely at super specialty pet stores. There’s also some canned versions but I would only sometimes supplement with that.  I like to buy dehydrated tripe. Feed this separate.

Anyway, the wolf dog  goes ahead and eats the organs, bone and  muscle meat. Our goal is to get all of these into his diet. Many raw food companies make a ground version of this.   You can also do it yourself.

This is a receipe that I used to use with only ground venison.  But you can do it with beef as well.

90/10 meat vegetable ratio.  For example nine pounds meat and one pound veg. Or 18 pounds meat two pounds vegetables. Etc.  or do 80/20.

9-10 pounds ground beef

1-1.5 pounds processed vegetables or pulp (not runny but dry)

Dogs don’t absorb the nutrients of whole vegetables. If you want them to benefit they need to be put in a processor or feed the pump of a juicer.

You’ll add:

1 tsp Bone meal or crushed baked eggshells per pound of meat.

Multi-Vitamins (nu pro etc)

Apple cider vinegar – 1tsp per two pounds.







Optional:  one teaspoon golden paste per pound. One garlic clove per every 5 lbs. One inch or so of ginger root grated per 10 lbs.

You also need to add organ meat. But organ meat is nasty and always makes the mix gross.  So I prefer to add it separately! I feed dehydrated offal as a snack. That covers the organ meat requirement.

But if it’s easier than just add about 1 pound of organ meat for every 10 pounds of meat.

You mix it all the stuff together rin a giant bowl and kneed forever. Then you pack it into little one pound ziplock bags and freeze and thaw as needed. Just add probiotics on top.

Boom. That’s your raw diet receipe. Not that hard.  Kinda fun. Especially fun when you see how much they LOVE it.

Healing Your Bulldog – Part 3 – Recipes & Supplements

The following cooked Bully Diet Protocol has proven successful time and time again.

It’s perfect for a dog suffering from ear infections & any skin issues (and those presenting food allergies).

Its designed to help the immune system thrive with the help of additional supplements added to cover all territories (as supplements as they pertain to your situation.)

Detoxing in Step One should be done beforehand.

Protein source:  WHITEFISH

Whitefish (tilapia, halibut etc) is my first choice for itchy dogs with yeast or staph. This is the most nonreactive meat source you can use so let’s keep it simple. (Salmon is not white and not acceptable unless you know for sure they are good with it). Other harder to find proteins that will work are: venison, rabbit, quail/pheasant.

(Later if you’re positive they can eat beef or whatever, you can change it.  But not at first).


Cut the fish up and cook in a stock pot type thing. You can make a weeks worth and freeze/defrost. Don’t add any water, oil, salt etc when cooking.

Cut up and add veggies first.  Stir frequently so it doesn’t burn and after a bit the  moisture of the veggies will create a broth.

Add fish and cook until browned.  That’s it.

(You can also choose to feed ground up raw veggies, in that case just cook the meat)

Use only use Green Vegetables and no peas.  

  • Kale
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli Flowerets
  • Green Beans
  • Lettuces
  • Bok Choy
  • Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Dandelion Greens
  • Spinach
  • Celery

Your Veggie mix can either be cooked with the meat  or blended / emulsified and added raw.

I like to do a 80% protein and 20% vegetable ratio.  

For example if you were making 10 lbs of food: 80/20 means – 8lbs meat / 2lbs green veggies.

Use a combination of at least 3 veggies.

Note: Fruits and sugars are just a bad idea for a dog with skin issues. Sugar equals yeast.

(You can add all the supplements coming up right in this mix with the exception of probiotics.).

Be sure to add a digestive enzyme to their meal when feeding cooked.  Make sure it includes the following:

  • Protease – helps break down and digest protein.
  • Amylase – helps break down and digest carbohydrates and starches.
  • Lipase – helps break down and digest fat.
  • Cellulase – helps break down fiber.

Add a probiotic on an empty stomach.   Probiotics are especially important for dogs that have taken a lot of antibiotics (both can’t be be taken at the same time as they negate each other).  Any well-reviewed probiotic on Amazon will do. I like this one.

You must also add a multi-vitamin into this mix such as Nupro(or something similar) especially if you plan on feeding this long term.

It’s important to also add calcium — especially if you plan to feed this long term. You can use eggshells (baked and crushed) or a bone powder supplement. You will want to give their daily requirement which is about a teaspoon for bulldogs.

You can optionally also feed:

Goats milk (only at higher end pet stores) is a great source of positive bacteria and can be fed as a snack.

Kefir is another source of probiotics that every dog will benefit from.

80% of a dogs immune system is ruled by the bacteria in the gut.  Probiotics are important.

If your dealing with bacterial overgrowth issues or a weak immune system you should also add:

One clove of garlic.  The garlic must be chopped up and then served 15 minutes later for maximum potency.

After you bully’s conditions are cured you can supplement it once a week or so. Garlic in these small amounts is not toxic to dogs.  

If safe to do so, stop giving the dog all steroids (tapered safely obviously), Benadryl and medications.

The objective here is to make his own body stronger, not suppress his symptoms that make his body weaker.

One of the greatest and most powerful roots in medicine is turmeric.  When turmeric is heated up with water and then pepper is added, it becomes extremely bioavailable and as strong as prednisone.

Please add one teaspoon (up to tablespoon) of  Golden Paste into each meal.  You’ll have to mix it in to cover the taste and they will eat it.

Golden paste is excellent for inflammation, skin issues, arthritis, detox etc. You can never go wrong by adding this.

For bad skin issues I also would add Standard Process Dermal Support in the food twice a day.

For major immune problems and a lot of suppression with drugs please also add  Transfer Factor. Actually, any bully will benefit from this supplement.

Fish oil is always a great addition for skin and joints.

You can feed this cooked diet twice a day and they will thrive.

A 50lb bully might eat 1 cup of this or 2 cups depending on age and lifestyle.  If they look too lean add more or too fat add less!

Topical ways to heal the skin…. Next chapter.