How to give Thuja 1m

Put 3-5 pellets inside a half bottle of water. Shake at least 20 times. Squirt a tablespoon or syringe into your pets mouth. Repeat 2 more times (2 more squirts). Don’t worry about “exact”. Natural medicine is not an exact science. The body will respond when the right amount of Thuja is given at theContinue reading “How to give Thuja 1m”

Save your Pet by understanding the business of the Veterinary Medicine business

Is it the stuff that keeps the vaccine from expiring that’s creating all the problems? Why yes. Yes it is. Vaccines were made to save lives. But over-vaccination is an epidemic.

I was told very clearly that if we want research that actually benefits pets— we have to pay for it and the only place that money will come from is pet parents who have an interest in the CURE, not the treatment. OK, I guess that’s me. The vaccine guy isn’t going to fund the test on how his vaccine contains some garbage that will trigger auto immune disease and then kill my dog. The kibble guy doesn’t want me to know the kibble is actually causing inflammation, and it goes on and on.