Why is my Bulldog always sick?

If your bulldog is suffering from any of these issues,  he/she has vaccinosis, a set of symptoms that occur after the administration of a vaccine acutely within minutes and or chronically within days, weeks or months.  Because the genetic line of English Bulldogs have been over-vaccinated and puppies are typically born via c-section, they don’t acquire the natural bacteria he/she needs to maintain a balanced gastrointestinal tract from his/her mother, resulting in a compromised immune system beginning at birth and further aggravated by and triggered by vaccines, which ultimately becomes the disease itself. 

We have found that every single english bulldog suffers from the over vaccination of distemper,  exhibiting symptoms linked to the distemper disease such as: pneumonia, conjunctivitis, dry eye, interdigital cysts, skin lesions, staph infections, lip fold dermatitis and gastrointestinal issues. 

Traditional veterinary medicine does not acknowledge vaccines as being a major culprit and cause of disease.  Traditional medicine responds to these symptoms that stem from vaccines, by treating with immunosuppressants, assuming the animal has an autoimmune problem.  The drugs hide the illness by providing temporary relief, only for symptoms to reappear with a vengeance.

Despite what traditional vets say or prescribe, homeopathic treatment coupled with a proper nutrition can ultimately heal your bulldog.

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