Vets Want People to Stop Buying English Bulldogs. Bobzilla disagrees.

Vets Want People to Stop Buying English Bulldogs. Bobzilla disagrees.

According to the UK's Royal Veterinary College (RVC), English Bulldogs have a "high rate of health issues related to extreme body shape" and "exaggerated features" (source: Quad City Times), which is why some vets are urging people not to buy bulldogs. 

Sadly, the "RVC's VetCompass program compared the health of random samples of 2,662 English bulldogs and 22,039 dogs of other breeds. It found the bulldogs were more than twice as likely to have one or more disorders in a single year than other breeds (source: Quad City Times)."

I'm not disputing the fact that bulldogs are pre-disposed to certain health conditions because the breeds' gene pool is so small.  However, I think it is extremely important to note that these pre-dispositions are certainly not supported by western veterinary medicine, which includes kibble, lots of vaccines and apoquel.  

Let's stop and think about this for a moment.  We know the breed has certain sensitivities, yet virtually nothing is done to tailor care to the individualized need of the dog.  For example, why does a yorkie get the same vaccine dosage as a New Foundland?  Also, we know kibble literally causes cancer, yet vets are still pushing "bulldog" specific food manufactured by MARs INC, a sugar company, that could care less about your dog.  

Further, you cannot give a dog a rabies vaccine every single year (after the entire genetic line has been vaccinated yearly for years and years), pump them up with adjuvants contained in the vaccine and other symptom-disguising drugs approved by the FDA, and then breed the and expect him to be healthy, vital and create amazing puppies.  This kind of approach is anti-science and quite simply doesn't make any logical sense.  

Many bulldogs that are breeding are also show dog lines and show dogs are the most drugged up compared to non-show dogs, and this is why the gene pool is so small and a bit tainted. The entire genetic line of the breed needs to be cleaned up, which can absolutely be accomplished if we vaccinate carefully and feed raw to optimize health as opposed to destroying it.  If we breed healthy bulldogs, healthy bulldog puppies will be the result. 

-Written by Erica L. 

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