Kibble Causes Cancer. Period.

We at Bobzilla love bulldogs and all animals.  We have witnessed literally thousands of dogs die despite well-intentions of their owners to keep them healthy.  Modern veterinary care is failing us and our pets and we took action.  Bobzilla donated $228,000 to fund the research of Dr. David Turner who is currently examining whether advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in pet food are increasing the speed that diseases like cancer develops in dogs. 

 "AGES are harmful oxidative compounds that over time accumulate in tissues, causing stress and inflammation, and in turn increase the risk of developing diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Previous research has found foods like bacon, tofu and barbecue have some of the highest levels of AGEs for humans" (Source: Hollings Cancer Center). 

Dr. Turner estimates "that dog food is about 100 times higher in AGEs than human food.  Despite seeing the impact of AGEs on humans, we are still giving our pets 100 times more (Source: Hollings Cancer Center).  Dr. Turner states, "in a little over a decade, Golden Retrievers have lost about five years off their life expectancy. We believe that processed pet food consumption has contributed to this concerning statistic (Source: Hollings Cancer Center).

With Bobzilla's donation, Dr. Turner has analyzed over 100 varieties of kibble and is compiling a database that documents which specific kibble varieties that are lowest to highest in AGE content.  Once his research is complete, this database will be made available to the public so you as a consumer can make an informed choice for your dog.    

In the meantime,  check out the research below that show that kibble causes cancer.

The Little-Know Way Food Can Cause Malignancy:

    • An Unexpected Cause of Cancer in Dogs: "It’s estimated that over 6 million dogs die from cancer each year. More than 1 in 2 dogs will get cancer at some point." Aflotoxins, a common carcinogen found in human and dog food that also are a type of mycotoxin that causes mold, which is NOT killed by cooking the food. These carcinogens are linked to CANCER.
    • Feed the Dog, not the Dog Cancer: The Danger of Processed Dog Food: Cancer in dogs (and humans for that matter) is on the rise.  Evidence suggests that feeding a minimally processed diet, like home-cooking or raw can decrease the risk of cancer.  Kibble is mass-produced at high temperatures, which literally changes the chemical structure of the food making it hard to metabolize.  Since kibble is mostly carbohydrates, when consumed, it turns to sugar, feeding (and perhaps too much) your dogs' cells and cancer cells as well.  
    • Hollings Researchers Studying Whether Popular Dog Foods are Causing Cancer:  Kibble contains high levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs).  AGEs are harmful oxidative compounds that over time accumulate in tissues, causing stress and inflammation, and in turn increase the risk of developing diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes."  Don't Feed Kiible!
    • Kibbles are to Dogs what Fast Food is to Humans:  The title of the article says it all and provides helpful information on how to home-cook and prepare food for your pup. 
    • The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Demian Dressler, DVM is know as the "dog cancer vet" and wrote The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. In Chapter 14 of his book, he discusses the role of diet in improving outcomes in dogs diagnosed with cancer. According to British epidemiologist, Sir Richard Dolls' research "about one third of cancers can be prevented by just improving the diet."  Guess what this diet does not include? KIBBLE. 



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