Our animals are in a Hairy Situation

The veterinary industry is in the business of keeping animals alive, not curing them or keeping them healthy. Vet schools are funded by the dog food guy, the dog food guy is also owned by the vaccine guy and the vaccine guy makes the laws on what makes what legal and what is approved. The dog food guy is also friends with the vet board guy because the vet board guy is funded by the vaccine guy.

Their agenda for dogs is not the same as yours. Keep reading.

How do we keep our dogs living as long as possible?

Why Kibble is a Killer

  • What if There was a Way to Truly Know What the Best Food Is?

    There is a way, and it is coming very soon! Bobzilla has funded Dr. David Turner's to research and rank the healthiest and unhealthiest dog food based on the amount of advanced glycation end (AGEs) products it contains. The higher it is in AGEs, the unhealthier it is. This information will be shared in a database with the public very soon! Stay tuned! In the meantime, click here to learn more.

  • Advice if Your Dog is Always Sick

    Having a sick dog is hard.  It's expensive, worrisome and really frustrating. If your dog is always sick, please start to think about what could have caused them to be sick in the first place.  They don't just get sick out of nowhere, something triggers it.  If your dog eats kibble, switch to a species-appropriate diet of home-cooked protein and veggies or raw.  Take them to a holistic vet.  Don't trust what anyone says just because they so.  Research.  Get educated and make informed choices, even if it goes against convention.  If I knew what I knew now, Sheldon would still be here today. Click here to read Sheldon's story.

  • Vegan Kibble?!

    Clinical scientists at the Western University of Health Sciences' College of Veterinary Medicines and the University of California Berkeley's School of Public Health recently released data from a study that examined the long-term impacts of a plant-based diet for dogs and concluded that a "plant-based diet can provide complete and balanced nutrition to dogs for the long term" (Read more here). It appears they examined a brand called "v-dog" and obviously their chief executive officer, Darren Middlesworth was thrilled that this groundbreaking study "demonstrates that a nutritionally complete plant-based diet can maximize the health and quality of life for dogs and reduce carbon-paw prints" (Read more here). Would you consider feeding your dog vegan kibble? Learn more here.

  • Why You Should Know About Arnica Montana

    Arnica Montana also known as wolf's bane, leopard's bane, mountain tobacco and mountain arnica is a  homeopathic remedy that is used for medicinal purposes since the 1500's.  Basically, it helps the body speed up its' recovery process post any kind of physical trauma. It can be used topically in a salve or cream form to help soothe rashes or skin irritations as well as taken orally in pellet form to help the body recover from any physical trauma including injury, surgery, aches, pains, arthritis, really anything. Clinical trials have proven how effective it is. Read more on our blog here!

  • Booster Shots are Not Necessary for Dogs

    Booster shots are are not necessary for most dogs.  In fact, boosting your dog regularly (according to the AKC guidelines) could be harmful.  Here's why:  Vaccines work by showing the body a microbial mugshot of a microscopic perpetrator like a virus or a bacteria that poses a threat to the body.  This causes an immunological fire drill against the perpetrator, which provides practice for when the body is fighting off a real attack, ideally much faster and quickly.  This immune response causes side effects (Read more on that here). The more your dog is vaccinated, the more likely it becomes that he/she will develop vaccinosis, which is an adverse reaction to vaccines.  You can read more on vaccinosis here.  Veterinary immunologist Ronald Schultz, PhD, chair of the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin researched the duration of immunity for the distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus and rabies vaccines. His immunology research proved boosters aren't necessary in the 1970's and confirmed that that immunity lasts for far longer than pet parents are told.  Once a dog has received initial shots, they will continue to be fully protected without the booster. Read more on our blog here!

  • Bulldogs, Health Problems & Epigenetics

    Bulldogs, Health Problems & Epigenetics? What do they all have in common? You see, since the entire English Bulldog breed comes from a very limited gene pool and are notorious for heallth issues, the Royal Veterinary College claims the breed could go extinct entirely. The limited gene pool combined with over-vaccination, over-medication and nutrient-less diets, it is no surprise that the breed is notorious for so many health issues. The good and bad news is epigenetics, which can turn certain genes on and off like a light switch. Read more on that on our blog here.


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The veterinary business is business which is not in the business of curing your animal.

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