Our animals are in a Hairy Situation

The veterinary industry is in the business of keeping animals alive, not curing them or keeping them healthy. Vet schools are funded by the dog food guy, the dog food guy is also owned by the vaccine guy and the vaccine guy makes the laws on what makes what legal and what is approved. The dog food guy is also friends with the vet board guy because the vet board guy is funded by the vaccine guy.

Their agenda for dogs is not the same as yours. Keep reading.

How do we keep our dogs living as long as possible?

Why Kibble is a Killer

  • Kibble is killing our dogs. We will be able to prove it soon.

    Most recently, Bobzilla has funded the research of Dr. David Turner, Ph.D who is a member of the Massey Cancer Center research team at Virginia Commonwealth University, vice Chair of Research & Innovation of the Cancer Prevention and Control research program and founder of the Anti-A.G.E Foundation, a non-profit organization which spreads awareness about the severity of processed foods and their impact on our health and lifespan. Dr. Turner's research will create a publicly available canine nutritional database that will show AGE level in popular dog food and will prove that not only does the consumption of highly processed food promotes disease but also alters DNA. Read the full article here and visit the AGE Foundation for more information.

  • The Perils of Pet Food Manufacturing

    " The global pet food market is projected to be worth over 128 billion dollars by 2024. Manufactured pet foods are affordable, convenient and are advertised to contain all the nutrients dogs require. 87% of dogs and 67% of cats consume at least some form of processed food. Dry pet food (kibble) is the highest selling product, followed by wet and canned pet food as well as snacks & treats(15). All these products are highly processed in and effort to extend shelf life, cut production costs and combat microbes. However, growing evidence suggests that the consumption of these diets may have serious detrimental effects on animal wellbeing. Pet food manufacturing processes can degrade nutrient content, and additives included in pet foods can be hazardous to health. The implications of chronic health conditions among our pets is extensive; resulting in more disability, lower health related quality of life, spiraling health costs and shortened lifespans. In fact, evidence strongly suggest that dogs of several breeds suffer from more chronic health conditions and have shorter lifespans than that of their recent ancestors" (Read more on this from the Anti-A.G.E.S Foundation)

  • How a Sugar Company Dominates the Pet World

    MARS Inc., the same company that mass produces M&M's, Twix, Skittles, 3 Musketeers, Orbit Gum, Dove chocolate, Juicy fruit, Lifesavers, Snickers and Starbursts, to name a few, is the same company that has a monopoly on the vet industry. 

    They produce dog food, own animal hospitals, partner with the vaccine companies and donate to vet schools.  They own popular dog food brands including Eukanuba, Pedigre and Royal Canin, to name a few as well as the most popular chain of animal hospitals.

    They own the food, and the hospitals, vets that staff these hospitals and have made significant donations to vet schools, which teach future vets and partner with a company that dominates the animal vaccine and medicine industry.  How can this possibly be ethical? This is the equivalent to "an antidepressant behemoth trying to own the psychology sector, or a fast-food clown owning the nutritional information your doctor is to receive" (Source:DogsFirst). Read more on our blog here.

  • We Live in Bizarre Times

    We live in this bizarre world where almost everyone is putting the wrong fuel in their car. And there's enormous corporate mechanic shops making billions off of it promoting more repairs. And nobody is addressing the bad fuel causing the problems. The same is true for our dogs. Most vets are like mechanics or plumbers. If a pipe is leaky, plumbers will stop the leak, but not necessarily fix the root cause, which is why it broke in the first place. Veterinary medicine works the same way. Ultra processed food aka kibble combined with over-vaccination has created massive disease. Instead of looking at what we put inside of our dogs, the vet biz prescribes more and more medication to create wealth and not health. After all, a healthy patient is no longer a paying customer. Read more on our blog here.

  • McDonald's Chicken Nuggets and Kibble

    Would you eat McDonalds chicken nuggets everyday?  Or feed it to your children every day?  The answer is probably not.  Why?  Because we know they aren’t healthy, but it tastes good and is affordable.  We also know that just because something tastes good and is affordable, doesn't mean it is healthy or will optimize the health of our dog. Read more on our blog here.

  • Chronic Illness is the New Normal

    We are (still) in the midst a global pandemic.  But we are also in the midst of a true health epidemic for humans and dogs alike.  We are not getting healthier, we are getting sicker.  Illness has become the norm. Autoimmune disease, cancer, epilepsy, obesity and allergies are common. While this is perhaps the norm, it doesn't mean it is ok or an acceptable way for your dog to live.  Read more on our bog here!


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