Our Why

Sahara Lotti founded Bobzilla after seeing dogs suffer with skin issues, autoimmune diseases, seizures, behavior changes, paralysis, joint problems and chronic allergies and finding no reliable information on natural remedies and treatment! After searching for solutions and realizing that there is a major lack of unbiased, publicly available scientific research information for very common animal diseases, Sahara decided to find a way to fund research and inform the general public.  We are here to help you help your animals heal. We believe and have seen an insane spectrum of skin problems, autoimmune diseases, seizures, behavior changes, paralysis, joint problems and ear problems that we believe are caused by a combination of the following: 

  1. Way too many vaccines
  2. Way too much medication
  3. Not enough nutrients

We originally began as a group of (helicopter) bulldog moms who found each other out of desperation, on instagram.  We took our bulldogs religiously to the vet for routine vaccinations and booster shots and in response to any and every issue ranging from chronic skin issues, ear infections and digestive issues that were diagnosed as autoimmune diseases and treated with combinations of prednisone and apoquel that ultimately destroyed their immune systems and made them even more susceptible to illness.  Despite our concerns, our traditional vets denied any possible correlation between vaccines and sickness.

We have undeniably found otherwise: there is absolutely a connection between vaccines and sickness in our bulldogs, which is called vaccinosis, an adverse reaction to vaccines. Further, while vaccines are absolutely necessary, over-vaccination is not and can cause incredible damage.

As soon as we took them off prednisone and apoquel and began to restore their immune systems holistically, as described in this site, they began to heal.  This holistic approach was able to rebalance their body systems and cure their diseases that were diagnosed as autoimmune, including those that were identified as “incurable.” Unfortunately, our stories of sick bulldogs are not unique, however our holistic approach from healing bulldogs from the inside-out, is. Our mission is to heal animals from the inside out. Please use this website and the resources listed here to educate yourself, become an informed advocate for your animals and ultimately help them heal completely.