Recovery after Surgery

Recovery after Surgery

Recovery post-operation for dogs (and humans too) varies significantly from individual to individual.  Of course, health pre-operation is indicative of health post-operation. 

Nutrition matters.  Physical activity matters.  Number of vaccines all matters. 

When Sheldon unfortunately ate 6 binkies and a teething toy, the emergency vets assumed that he was in poor health because he is a bulldog and he is 9.  They were blown away by his biomarkers and said despite ingesting that stuff, he was as "healthy as a horse."  And even though he had to have abdominal surgery because an endoscopy to retrieve those objects wouldn't work, the vet was confident he would make a full-recovery, which thankfully, he did and we are grateful. 

There a few factors that I believe contributed to his ability to recover from surgery, which include his diet (he has been raw-fed for the last 5 years), level of activity and the fact that he hasn't received a vaccine in about 5 years, and won't receive another one ever again.  I always ask for titer tests before consenting to a shot.  Because he was vaccinated so much in his early years, and vaccines are literally designed to last for 7-15 years in the body, there is absolutely no reason for him to get a booster.  And to be quite honest, we live in the suburbs of New York City and I'd bet there is much rabies or distemper to go around. 

So he recovered from his surgery, but a few weeks post-operation, he still wasn't quite himself and that was making us nervous.  He seemed depressed and was not his happy-go-lucky self.  Medically, he was perfectly fine and totally back to normal, aside from eye discharge  Emotionally and mentally he definitely was not.  We believe the surgery was traumatizing for him, and rightfully so.  His body literally was opened up and foreign objects were removed. 

With the expert guidance of Sahara Lotti (the reason that Sheldon is still alive today), we reached out to Dr. Charles Loops, DVM and had a virtual health consultation for Sheldon.  Based on what we described to Dr. Loops, he prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Hypericum 1M and gave us dosing instructions.  He has had 3 doses already and his mood has already improved and eye discharge is almost gone. 

Despite being medically "back to normal," the mind, body and spirit are truly interconnected.  Emotional and mental well-being matters just as much as physical well-being.  We are grateful for conventional and natural medicine because they each have an important purpose. 

While Hypericum 1M is specific to what Sheldon needed, Arnica Montana 200c is extremely helpful in recovering from any physical trauma including surgery, bruising or injury to the body. 


-Written by Erica L. 



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