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If you are intent on purchasing a Bulldog puppy instead of rescuing one, choosing the right breeder is really important.  The breed is so loved and in such demand because of their squishy faces, adorable bodies and excellent temperaments.  They also are expensive due to breeding costs including c-section delivery and you should be prepared o spend some money on your future puppy.  The old adage, "you get what you pay for," absolutely applies to spending on a bulldog puppy.   

It is extremely important to choose a breeder that is reputable, has experience and knows and loves the breed.  In addition, they should be experts on the health of their dogs as well as the breed in general. 

Despite reputations of breeders found on the Bulldog Club of America we have found that unfortunately, most breeders do not know how to optimize the health of their dogs by carefully vaccinating and feeding nutrient dense food, which definitely does not include kibble of any kind.  In fact, the opposite tends to be true.  Puppies from Bulldog Club of America's "hall of fame breeders," typically come from genetics lines that have been over-vaccinated and fed kibble, which ultimately leads to unhealthy adult dogs later on.  

At Bobzilla, we highly recommend and only recommend Neal Turner, breeder of Valiant Bulldogs based in Virginia.  Neal not only truly cares for his dogs and has taken the time to educate himself about how to properly care for the health of all of his dogs.  Each parent dog has been fully detoxed from all vaccines.  This means that both parent dogs were given specific homeopathic remedies to help rid their organs of toxins that come with standard vaccinations and can cause sickness later on.  Puppies born from detoxed parents, will undoubtedly be healthier and stronger.

Valiant Bulldogs

If you are looking to invest in a high quality bulldog puppy and a high quality breeder, Neal Turner is your guy.  


p.s. This isn't an ad for Neal Turner and Valiant Bulldogs.  We aren't receiving any sort of profit by recommending him.  We truly just think he is the best and want you to have the healthiest and happiest bulldog possible. 



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