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Bobzilla is committed to one hundred percent transparency in all of its scientific research into animal wellness and prevention of disease. Bobzilla believes that every animal and animal lover should benefit from unbiased information. Bobzilla does not seek to profit from any research findings and is dedicated to publicly sharing all findings.

Most recently, Bobzilla has funded the research of Dr. David Turner, Ph.D who is amember of the Massey Cancer Center research team at Virginia Commonwealth University, co-leader of the Cancer Prevention and Control research program and founder of the Anti-A.G.E Foundation, a non-profit organization which spreads awareness about the severity of processed foods and their impact on our health and lifespan.

His work focuses on the prevalence of A.G.E's in popular dog foods.  A.G.Es, or advanced glycation end products are harmful oxidative compounds that over time accumulate in tissues, causing stress and inflammation, and in turn increase the risk of developing diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Dr. Turner and his team have estimated that "dog food is about 100 times higher in AGEs than human food,”  and that they "have seen the impacts that AGEs have on humans, yet we are giving our pets 100 times more."   

With Bobzilla's support, Dr. Turner is constructing a database of A.G.E. levels in multiple types of dog foods - including kibble, wet food, homemade and fresh, which will be available to the public soon! 

In the meantime, please check out this article from Virginia Commonwealth University's Massey Cancer Center and this article from the Medical University of South Carolina's Hollings Cancer Center to learn more about this Dr. Turner / Bobzilla collab. 



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