If Your Dog is Sick, Don't Vaccinate

If Your Dog is Sick, Don't Vaccinate

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If your dog is sick, don't vaccinate.   If you are anything like I was, I vaccinated my English Bulldog puppy according to whatever my former vet said for the first three years of his life, no matter what.  We were living in Brooklyn at the time and had to Uber everywhere.  So when I took him to vet when he was sick every 5 minutes it felt like, I'd vaccinate him just because he was due for whatever shot, going to the vet was expensive and Uber rides weren't cheap either.  My former vet said that the vaccines were perfectly safe and I shouldn't worry about any side effects. 

Unfortunately, she was wrong.  I don't think she was ill-intentioned, I think she truly was just doing her job to the best of her ability and didn't know much about the sensitivity of English Bulldogs.  And because bulldogs are so sensitive and kind of like the unicorn of all other dog breeds because they are so unique, most vets probably do not truly understand how susceptible bulldogs are when it comes to everything, but especially vaccines and food. To put a finer point on the topic of vets, I believe most are well-intentioned and work really hard.  I believe they want animals to be healthy and thrive.  Unfortunately, most animal hospitals are owned by kibble companies, which is a massive conflict of interest and vets are doing the best they can.  So if you have an English Bulldog or your dog is sick, don't vaccinate. 

You shouldn't vaccinate a sick dog because their immune systems are already working hard to fight off whatever disease, germ, bacteria or toxin.  Additionally, the liver, which is the main detoxification organ is already working overtime to filter out whatever is causing the symptoms.  When you vaccinate and If you vaccinate while sick, like I did, you increase the likelihood of your dog having an adverse reaction to that vaccine, which is also called vaccinosis.  This can happen because your dog is already sick and vaccines contain a preservatives, which preserve the components of the vaccines and adjuvants that prolong the shelf-life and these ingredients can be toxic to the liver.  Think the dose determines the poison.  If you keep bombarding the liver with toxins, disease occurs.  Symptoms of a vaccine reaction can be immediate and appear right away or develop later on, which is why vaccine reactions are so often misdiagnosed as some other illness.   

If you have an English Bulldog, we do not recommend vaccinating at all.  They are notorious for diseases because of their genetic predisposition and because they are typically born via c-section.  Most bulldogs can be traced back to the same grandparents or great grandparents and the same hereditary diseases are continuously passed down from generation to generation. That cherry-eye your Bulldog may have is because of the cherry-eye his/her parents or grandparents had.  Vaccinating them will trigger their genetic predisposition for disease.     

Vaccines are not tailored to meet the individual needs of each breed, purebred or not, which is why a 4lb Yorkie gets the same amount of vaccine as a 100lb Saint Bernard. Vaccines also contain a whole bunch of adjuvants and preservatives to prolong their shelf-life.  If you continue to vaccinate each year or every 6 months, or according to how frequently most vets will say, the liver, the main detoxification organ in the body literally becomes bombarded and can no longer function optimally, which creates sickness like allergies, autoimmune disease, cancer etc.  The dose determines the poison and ultimately, the more toxins in the body, the more sickness. 

In addition to genetic predisposition, they are typically born via c-section.  C-sections are used in emergency and elective situations to increase the survival of newborns and or to save the life of the mother or reproductive future.  As a result, they aren't exposed to crucial bacteria from the birth canal that help regulate the gut microbiome.  This makes them even more sensitive to everything.   

So if your dog is sick, you definitely should not vaccinate.  If you have an English Buldog,  

In fact, my dog was chronically ill in the first place because of all of the vaccines he took and if your dog is sick, don't vaccinate. 

If your dog is sick, don't vaccinate.  

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