The Demand for Ozempic for Dogs is Increasing

The Demand for Ozempic for Dogs is Increasing

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The demand for Ozempic for dogs is increasing. As obesity and disease skyrockets in human and dogs, the demand for pharmaceutical drugs like Ozempic is increasing for both species.   They way people feel about their dogs compared to 50 years ago has changed.  Dogs in particular, are "man's best friend."  For the most part, dogs have moved from household backyards to indoor life, enjoy creature comforts like sleeping in beds, have seasonal gear and are treated as part of the family.  For some, dogs have replaced children.  And just like in humans, obesity and diabetes are increasing.  The demand for Ozempic or products like it for dogs is increasing. 


According to Dr. Nick Thompson, DVM "65% of dogs in the UNK and USA are overweight or obese" and "the British Small Animal Veterinary Association now defines obesity as a disease.  Obese dogs are more susceptible to disease and are more expensive to take care of throughout their lives.  They also tend to die two years earlier compared to similarly aged lean dogs (read more here).  

Further, according to a 2019 report compiled by Banfield, more than half of the dogs, which is just over a million dogs that were hospitalized in 2019 were classified as overweight, which they define as 10% - 20% more than their ideal weight.  Obesity is directly linked to "endocrinopathies, metabolic abnormalities, cardiovascular disease, and functional alterations, such as joint disorders and decreased immune function" (read more here). The same obesity complications are the same for humans. 

The demand for Ozempic for dogs is increasing.  In order to address this demand and obesity, while making a huge profit, Big Pharma has created products like Ozempic and Mounjaro in humans which promotes weight loss by helping to reduce blood sugar in the body. According to CNBC, On the human side, Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and AstraZeneca have strategically planned to create similar products "that could be worth tens of billions of dollars in the next decade, while small pharmaceutical companies are trying to grab a share in what has become the hottest part of health care." Zoetis wants to do the same for animals.  

Although the demand for Ozempic for dogs is increasing, it is truly disgusting to refer to disease as an opportunity to grab a share in the hottest part of health care. There is nothing hot about being sick and these companies are capitalizing on disease that they helped to create in the first place.

We truly live in a crazy world where almost everyone is putting the wrong fuel in their car.  And there's enormous corporate mechanic shops making billions off of it promoting repairs.  And nobody is addressing the bad fuel that is causing the problem.  

By wrong fuel, I mean food and nutrition for humans and dogs, or lack thereof.  Dogs are largely fed a genetically modified kibble chock full of anti-nutrients, toxins, sugar by-products, meat by-products and refined seed oils created in Big Pharma labs, who happen to be the owners of Kibble labs.  They are mass-producing food that is making your dog sick and making even more money off of you by selling you a product that they claim will fix the problem they created in the first place. Disease is skyrocketing for humans and dogs and no one is addressing that our lifestyles including nutrition, exercise and toxin exposure are causing these problems in the first place.  Instead drug companies will manufacture products like Ozempic and profit even more while your dog gets sicker. 

Side effects of Ozempic in humans include nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, constipation and may cause more serious side effects including possible thyroid tumors, including cancer. Side effects in dogs will be similar.  

To be clear, vets are NOT to be blame here.  Most are hardworking and well-intentioned.  Big Pet Pharma and Big Pet Kibble are the culprits here as they own the entire industry including food, medicine, vaccines, labs, veterinary practices, veterinary hospitals, diagnostic testing, veterinary degree program. The pet industry is a big business, worth billions and their bottom line is profit and not the health of you or your animal

While certain situations warrant Ozempic or the equivalent, most do not.  Diet and exercise, the greatest and most effective "pill" on the planet will do the trick. 

Feed your dog a nutrient-dense diet.  Read more about raw food here, home-cooked here and supplements here.

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