Activated Charcoal and How You Should Use It

Activated Charcoal and How You Should Use It

Activated charcoal is a really fine, odorless black powder that has a variety of very helpful uses when it comes to health.  

It is frequently used in emergency situations where someone has ingested a poisonous substance and to treat overdoses.  It is extremely absorbent because of the way it is manufactured and allows it to bind to substances that are unhealthy or toxic and remove them from the body.   

If your dog has ingested something they shouldn't have, has loose stool or is vomiting, mixing some activated charcoal and filtered water and administering via syringe well help not only provide relief quickly and will help remove those harmful substances out of the gut microbiome and out of the body quickly as well.  Start with a ratio of 1:1 teaspoon ratio of activated charcoal and water (filtered is better).  You can increase the quantities if your dog needs more. 

Activated charcoal is also amazing for itchy skin, irritated skin folds, hot spots, cysts and basically any other skin ailment.  You start by mixing some activated charcoal with another substance called bentonite clay and water (filtered is better).  Bentonite clay is another powder that works to remove toxins from the body and detoxifies the skin. 

Mix these ingredients together to create a paste.  We have found that mixing approximately 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal and 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay with 1 teaspoon of filtered water creates a thick paste that will help alleviate skin issues quickly.  Generously apply the paste to the afflicted area and let it sit for 15 minutes.  Remove with a warm cloth.  Warning, this does get messy, but it is highly effective and will save you a trip to the vet.  Doing this outside or a bathroom will save you some clean up time.  We have found this to be far more effective than any other topical ointments and steroids often prescribed by vets.   

Additionally, activated charcoal and bentonite clay are super affordable and can be found on amazon or at most health food stores.  This is completely safe and effective way to help your dog feel better without having to worry about any bad side effects.   

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