Allergy Alternatives

Allergy Alternatives

Having a dog with allergies is frustrating and can be quite costly.  They are uncomfortable, itchy and you want to provide them with relief.  Most vets will prescribe Apoquel, which isn't ideal because it does more long-term damage despite their safety assurances.  You can read more on the dangers of Apoquel here

If your dog does have allergies, colostrum will be your new best friend. When a dog has allergies, something is causing their immune systems to go into overdrive. That something is typically a combo of too many vaccines too soon, too many meds and poor nutrition. According to Dog's Naturally, "colostrum also helps manage inflammation that causes rashes, itching, and discomfort for your dog. Colostrum also helps manage leaky gut, which is a common cause of allergic reactions in dogs"

Colostrum is the first substance in mother's milk and is given to offspring at birth.  However, it is a powerful immune modulator that helps the body naturally restore and balance the immune system in older offspring too. Additionally, colostrum contains a variety of antibodies, growth factor, proteins and micronutrients that support overall wellness.  It's also much cheaper than Apoquel, won't cause any long-term damage and will help your dog feel better quickly.

I would only recommend products that I have used or would used myself and like Wholistic Pet Organics: Bovine Colostrum Powder for Dogs and Cats Organic Dog Immune Supplement for Allergy and Itch Relief Colostrum for Puppies Allergy Medication for Dogs, which you can find on Amazon for $30.99.  I like this brand because their ingredients are clean and simple without any fillers.  

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