Call to Action: Detox Your Pet (Written by Sahara Lotti)

Call to Action: Detox Your Pet (Written by Sahara Lotti)

(Research PubMed for Thuja)

I am of the personal opinion (after dealing with thousands of bulldogs) that the whole bulldog breed and other purebreds has been severely affected by adverse effects of over-vaccination (along with kibble etc but that’s another story). Somehow we’ve been totally brainwashed to not even consider that preservatives repeatedly just might be toxic.

I am not by any means against vaccines given conservatively,

— but when dealing with a limited gene pool and multiple unnecessary vaccines of show dogs that are bred, we have adversely affected their immune systems (regardless of perfect confirmation). People keep blaming the breed, but I promise there’s a lot more to it.

The logic is simple: Pure bred show dogs that keep the pure breed alive; require multiple vaccines to participate, they then breed with other show dogs of the same vaccine schedule and I believe that vicious cycle had created a vaccine sensitive dog that exhibits all these vaccine related issues such as: interdigital cysts, hair loss, allergies, arthritis, cancer, tremors, allergies, auto immune, vasculitis, pemphigus etc etc. All you have to do is look – every time the symptoms starts within a couple weeks or months of a vaccine.

Based on the number of cases I’ve seen, vaccine damage in bulldogs is undoubtedly a fact and an epidemic. I cannot speak for the severity in other breeds.

Vaccinosis is a result of too many vaccines that mutate or effect the DNA and create a myriad of immune problems. It’s now a man-made genetic disease that is also passed on to the future generations, meaning apparently an unvaccinated dog can still be affected and also benefit from being detoxified.

So what to do? Other than whine about how we are asking the people who did it to fix it and how it’s all corrupt blah blah.

I believe the answer is homeopathy. Harmless. Natural. Used for centuries. And somehow it freaking works. It’s the only thing I’ve found to REVERSE symptoms repeatedly. I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face. It’s astounding.

Detoxing with food is a great step, but it will only address one layer – but we cannot expect an overly taxed body and flailing immune system to detoxify fully with just the change of diet — especially when dealing with viruses in the most virulent form along with multiple adjuvants. Homeopathy assists the body and cells in removing the toxins.

The right remedy is like the conductor of a symphony, instructing the immune system via the organs on how to remove the adjuvants, antigens and bring the body back to balance. Our veterinarians are taught that homeopathy is “woo” – not real, and there’s no science.

You’ll find thousands of studies on PubMed , but everyone pretends like they don’t exist. It’s so bizarre. It’s not though, it’s intentionally not taught and dismissed as “woo” for good reason.

That should tell you how well it works. Some lobbyists want to ban it.

Our veterinarians are also taught vaccine reactions are rare. This is absolutely false. They are not rare. They are constant. They are always. They are just delayed. And why are we taking a vaccine companies word for it? They have no incentive to be honest and are certainly not testing on the dangers of their products.

Vaccine damage to the bulldog is 100% certain. Based on the tremendous response to Thuja, they seem to be the cause for every mysterious illness, itch, allergy, bump, GI issue, even degenerative joint disease. People could save billions of dollars a year if they just blamed what was right in front of them – the shot you just gave contains aluminum, Mercury, Thimerosol. That’s nice that they are just now discussing removing these preservatives for humans mostly, but the damage has been done. We need to address it.

As long as our educational system is controlled by the pharmaceutical companies, they (or we) will never be provided with truthful data that benefits the health of our pets. Parents, breeders, etc we have no choice other than to look elsewhere for answers. And so we did. And here we are. Bob has almost 50k followers, every single bulldog I’ve dealt with has needed to be detoxed.

Vaccines need to be detoxed. It doesn’t matter when you got them. They seem to be the cause of skin allergies, seizures, heart problems, tremors and auto immune galore. Reactions are common. Future issues are certain. I’ve seen the worst reactions with vaccines made by Borhringer Ingelheim, Zoetis, the least ones with Neotech. 3 ways or 5 way vaccines are the worst vaccines you could administer.

Distemper vaccine should be given once, titered and never again. Rabies should be given only when required by law. Both should always be detoxified from the body using remedies. Why wouldn’t you? You have literally nothing to lose.

Distemper : thuja. 200c. Then move up to 1m.

Rabies : lyssin. 200c.

It doesn’t matter if conventional medicine doesn’t recognize “detoxing and natural medicine” they also don’t have any cures for auto immune disease and don’t know “where” it’s from. I believe healing should be about solutions, not limitation on what you can and cannot do and fear of losing your license. Fix my dog. Thats why I’m paying you. That’s really all I care about.

Healthy adult bulldogs and other purebreds should all take Thuja 1m.

Puppies should take thuja 200c before & after vaccination and also work up to 1m by 6 months. Do not use other remedies at 1m other than Thuja.

If there’s reactions to rabies vaccine, especially seizures, you need lyssin 200c 3 times for 2 – 3 days.

Homeopathy cures like with like. It’s not an exact science. The idea is that the body can only have one disease of the same thing at the same time. So if it is exposed to the same disease or symptoms of that disease at a higher strength, the weaker one will disappear. That actually makes sense to me. You give the little pellet in potencies that match the degree of the symptoms.

When we give thuja, it’s going to mimic the reactions to the vaccine – at a higher degree – and then the real reaction should disappear and so will the effects of the remedy.

We can start to clean up the gene pool by detoxing all bulldogs. Wouldn’t that be grand? Please share.

Check out this article to read what’s inside vaccines from specific companies.

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