Chronic Illness is the New Normal

Chronic Illness is the New Normal

We are (still) in the midst a global pandemic.  But we are also in the midst of a true health epidemic for humans and dogs alike.  We are not getting healthier, we are getting sicker.  Illness has become the norm. Autoimmune disease, cancer, epilepsy, obesity and allergies are common. 


While this is perhaps the norm, it doesn't mean it is ok or an acceptable way for your dog to live. 

"According to Dr. Jean W Dodds, an eminent vet and researcher, both allergic and autoimmune diseases have been rising since the introduction of modified live virus vaccines.  Autoimmune diseases are where the body attacks self; they include cancer, leukaemia, thyroid disease, Addisons, Grave’s disease, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, thrombocytopenia, organ failure, skin inflammations, and more" (Source: Dogs Naturally). 

The body does not attack itself without something triggering it first.  Period.  Usually that something is a vaccine, which not only contains a dead virus, but also a bunch of preservatives and heavy metals to keep it shelf-life stable, which absolutely cause sickness.  Especially, if your dog is a pure-breed and they have received multiple of the same vaccine.   

Additionally, there has been a significant increase in the number of dogs with behavioral problems, which can be attributed to "over-vaccination and processed pet food" (Source: Dogs Naturally)

Further, "vaccines are known to cause inflammation of the brain, as well as lesions throughout the brain and central nervous system.  The medical term for this is ‘encephalitis’, and vaccine’s role is acknowledged in the Merck Manual.  Merck is a vaccine manufacturer."

This one hits too close to home for me because we recently had to make the very emotional decision to help Sheldon pass.  He was diagnosed with encephalitis and despite our best effort, there was nothing we could do to help him.  His quality of life was not good and keeping him around would be for us, and not him and deserved way better. So we did what needed to be done, thanked him for being the best boy and best teacher and said our goodbyes as we sobbed uncontrollably.  We miss him all fo the time and every single day.  

Sheldon hasn't had a vaccine in years.  I always titered first.  But man, do I wish I knew what I knew now about vaccines.  He had every shot and booster like clockwork, regardless of if he was sick or not because I complied with everything my uninformed vet told me.  After 2 years on the merry-go-round of chronic illness, steroids and no sustained improvement, I sought out other, "alternative" solutions.  I would have never thought that homeopathy would heal him and it did for many, many years when my former, board-certified, head-of-practice said it was impossible.   

Sadly, I know now that the vet business, for the most part, is in the business of keeping pets alive, not healthy or thriving.  

It has been researched and proven that vaccines can cause:

  • Skin Allergies as researched by Frick and Brookes (More here)
  • Lymphoma, leukaemia, organ failure, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, pancreatic disease, and bone marrow failure  
  • Autoimmune haemolytic anemia 

According to Christine Chambreau DVM, "Routine vaccinations are probably the worst thing we do for our animals.  They cause all types of illnesses but not directly to where we would relate them definitely to be caused by the vaccine" (Source: Dogs Naturally).

I am not anti-vaccine.  I am pro-health and believe that each dog should be vaccinated based on their own bio-individuality as opposed to being vaccinated according to some antiquated guideline. I believe if I vaccinated Sheldon carefully as opposed to vaccinating him constantly and according to those same antiquated guidelines, I believe he would still be with us today.  I believe in titer testing before giving any vaccine. I believe in doing your own research and asking lots of questions.  I believe in feeding your dog a high quality, species-appropriate diet and not kibble.  I believe our dogs should live, happy, healthy and long lives.  




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