"Feed the Gut.  Protect the Liver"

"Feed the Gut. Protect the Liver"

nI am just as interested in human metabolic health as I am animals.  I am currently reading "Metabolical" by Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL in which he explains, in great detail with countless references about how processed food causes chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.) and essentially is the reason why human health is declining and our economy and environment are also suffering big time.   He also talks about how the healthcare industry is dominated by big pharma and pill-pushing and symptom suppressing is how modern medicine responds to most common diseases. 

His solution is quite simple.  "Feed the Gut.  Protect the Liver."  What does this mean?  This means eating a whole-foods/low-glycemic (low-sugar) diet and eliminating processed food.   He says these chronic conditions aren't "druggable" but are in fact "foodable."

This is the exact same thing that is happening to our dogs.  Our dogs are eating highly processed kibble that is high in starch and carbs (aka sugar they can't digest) and advanced glycation end products (more stuff they can't digest), which creates massive inflammation and disrupts crucial metabolic processes.  They become sicker and sicker.  According to this study examining the relationship between dietary AGEs and the urinary excretion of AGEs, dogs that were raw fed excreted less AGEs than kibble fed dogs because raw food is low in AGEs. 

Less AGEs in the diet = healthier dog. 

We take them to our vets, and they are pushing pills and drugs in the form of steroids and apoquel, as well as kibble, which fail to feed the gut and protect the liver and we are left with animals that are even sicker.  And the same chronic disease that plague humans, cancer, diabetes and heart disease are the same for our dogs. Disturbingly, 

So if, these conditions are "foodable," why not start with whole foods for dogs? 

According to the Veterinary Medical College Application Service, out of 59 American Veterinary Colleges, a whopping 6 schools even include a course on nutrition (See chart on page 4 from the AAVMC).  Unfortunately, this means that your vet probably hasn't received much if any nutrition training throughout their education.  So despite their credentials, are they really in a position to dole out nutrition advice and recommend kibble when they haven't studied it themselves? 

We think not. 

Feed raw or home-cook so you can feed the gut and protect the liver and help your animal heal from the inside out.  Do your own research.  Educate yourself.  Ask questions.  Advocate for your animal.  


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