Genes can be Turned on and Off

Genes can be Turned on and Off

According to this recent article, "

We now know that if genes are present and have not been irrevocably damaged, they are capable of being switched on and off according to interactions with a multitude of factors, including diet and environmental changes. We also know that different arrays of over 25,000 genes code for the more than 100,000 proteins that make up the material of life. We’re now beginning to understand how the interface works whereby electrical signals are transformed into chemical ones."

This is fascinating and is completely logical.  It makes no sense that the the food our animals eat and the environment in which they are exposed to has no impact on their health.  We are a product of our environments and our animals are no different. 


The good news here is that we can help our animals become healthier by optimizing their environment, which includes access to fresh water, healthy/home-cooked or raw food, fresh air and exercise.  It also wouldn't hurt to use "clean" products in your home as well.  A clean and healthy environment will result in the expression of healthier genes and has the potential to shut off the bad ones. 

Even more good news, the article states that studies are showing that "that homeopathic medicines have an effect at the level of genetic expression." 

The article also references significant studies, which are summarized below: 

  • Apis Mellifica is made from honey bee, including the venom and was administered to determine changes to inflammation of prostate epithelial cells.  The results concluded that the use of this remedy turned on pro-inflammatory cytokine, which are crucial in immune health. 
  • Gene Expression was also examined in another study that used Gelsium Sempervirens on neuroblastoma cells.  The results indicated that the "pain-relieving and anti-anxiety effects associated with the remedy may be attributed to the negative modulation of some neuronal excitatory signalling pathways."  This means that the use of gelsium positively impacted gene expression by changing how neurons signaled information. 
  • Another study examined the expression of genes associated with the dealth of Dalton's lymphoma tumor cells and other tumor cells.  They exposed the cells to  Ruta 200C, Carcinosinum 200C, Hydrastis 200C, Conium 200C, Podophyllum 200C and Thuja 200C.  Researchers were able to demonstrate that certain remedies, Carcinosinu 200c in particular, significant induced pro-apoptotic gene, which means the death of the cancer cells. 

Homeopathy works. We are "beginning to see the evidence in a form that is acceptable to the scientific world, thereby beginning to confirm what homeopaths have known for centuries. These studies not only show the effects homeopathic medicines have at the level of genetic expression, but they can also give the homeopath another tool for understanding the potential use of a remedy in a patient, in addition to traditional provings, cured case reports and toxicology studies."




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