Healing Vaccinosis from the Inside Out

Healing Vaccinosis from the Inside Out

Vaccinosis is an adverse reaction to vaccines that can take place acutely or chronically.  

Homeopathic treatment is highly effective in treating bulldogs because this practice of medicine embraces a holistic, natural approach to the treatment of the sick.

Homeopathic medicine known as remedies, are made from natural sources such as plants and minerals and are both environmentally friendly and cruelty free and can be purchased over the counter in grocery stores, drug stores, health food stores, homeopathic pharmacies and online.

Homeopathic remedies come in various strengths (also known as potencies): the 6c, 12c, and 30c strengths are gentle and perfect for home use.

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In order to heal your bulldog from the inside-out, you will need to look at his/her medical records and note the date in which the first symptoms emerged.  Once you determine the symptoms and when they started, we have found that the following remedies, based on personality are the most common answers to curing bulldogs and healing them from the inside-out to reset the body from toxins within the immune system stemming from chronic illness caused by vaccines.

If your bulldog displays any symptoms of vaccinosis (skin problems, joint problems, autoimmune problems, gastrointestinal problems and or behavior changes, we have found that the top 3 detox remedies for bulldogs based on personality are:

  • Pulsatilla or Calcerea Carbonica for bulldogs that are happy-go-lucky and friendly.
  • Silicea for bulldogs that are calm, chill and live to eat.
  • Sulphur for bulldogs that are dominant, bossy, possessive and aggressive.


  1. Identify the symptoms and note when they began.
  2. Based on the symptoms and personality of your bulldog, determine which remedy to use.  Homeopathic remedies come in various strengths (potencies): the 6c, 12c and 30c strengths are gentle.  Start with the lowest potency you have, and move up if it stops working.
  3. Place 3-5 pellets underneath your dog’s tongue or inside his/her cheeks several before or after eating.
  4. Watch carefully and observe changes for several hours.  If you don’t see a change, move up to the next potency and repeat. If you don’t see a change after you have moved up through potencies, change remedies and begin again.
  5. Once you identify the appropriate remedy and potency, continue to administer in the same way for a total of 3 days. Note changes as you see them.
  6. Wait at least 3 days prior to administering a new remedy to address a different set of symptoms.


Bulldogs respond best to the following remedies for detox purposes, to reset the body from toxins within the immune system stemming from chronic illness caused by vaccines; and for constitution strengthening purposes, used to support wellness and health in order to heal vaccinosis and chronic illnesses and create a balanced immune system. 

The remedies listed below are incredibly effective at detoxing, constitution strengthening, or both.

Remedy Personality Symptoms Purpose
Aconite Restless and fearful Anxious; fever; swelling; infections; seizures Detox
Antimonium Tartaricum Weak and sleepy Mucus in the respiratory system Detox
Apis Active Swelling; insect Bites Detox
Arsenicum Needy Vomiting; diarrhea Detox + Constitution
Belladonna Moody Fever; pain; aggression; inflammations with heat, redness and swelling; Seizures Detox (rabies vaccine)
Calcerea Carbonica Anxious Sluggish; lethargic; big build + gain weight easily Detox
Crotalus Horridus Irritable Nausea; vomiting; bad breath; ulcers; trembling Constitution
Graphites Shy and timid Hot spots; ear Infections Detox + Constitution
Hepar Sulph Tense and angry Dermatitis; abscesses; infected anal glands Detox + Constitution
Lachesis Agitated and restless Jealousy; circulatory problems (vasculitis) Detox (rabies vaccine) + Constitution
Mercurious Sensitivity to temperatures Bad breath; gum infections; mucus on membranes of eye, nose or genitalia Detox + Constitution
Mezereum Sensitivity to temperatures Thick hard scabs on skin; Itchy rashes; Ear infections Detox
Natur Muriaticum Sensitive Psoriasis; dry skin Detox + Constitution
Nux Vomica Irritable Digestive issues; constipation Detox + Constitution
Phosphorus Social/Happy Anxiety; food intolerance Detox + Constitution
Psorinum Always cold Abscesses; acne; dermatitis; eczema Detox + Constitution
Rhus Toxicodendron Very irritable Arthritis; musculoskeletal injuries, red swollen eyes, skin infections and skin itching Detox + Constitution
Sepia Very frustrated Thrush; prolapse Constitution
Silicea Sensitive Interdigital cysts; nausea; diarrhea; swelling in limbs; seizures Detox (all vaccines) + Constitution
Sulfur Always hot Swelling in limbs; red itchy spots; skin diseases Detox + Constitution
Thuja Sensitive Convulsions; anxiety; inflammation; diarrhea; cough; paralysis; Swelling in limbs; Detox (all vaccines) + Constitution
Zincum Delicate Nervous strain; exhaustion Detox + Constitution


-Written by Erica L. 

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