Health Benefits of Thuja 1M

Health Benefits of Thuja 1M

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that was created by a German doctor, named Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century.  It is "a gentle but effective form of treatment which stimulates the natural ability of the organism to heal itself. The word homoeopathy comes from the greek words "homoios" which means similar, and "pathos" which means disease. This reflects the main principle of homoeopathy, the law of similars, which predicts that a disease can be cured by a medicine, which in healthy people is able to produce a condition that resembles the disease" (Read more here).

Finding the medicine or the remedy to best match watch the individual is experiencing is called the finding the simillum.  In addition to remedy, finding the best potency to match the scope of the symptoms is important.  Think of potency as the depth of how we want a remedy to work physically, mentally and emotionally.  There are 3 scales in Homeopathy, the "X" scale, "C" scale and, "M" scale. 

The "X" Scale:  Considered a "low potency" and often sold as cell salts that work to repair the cells and organs and restore cellular deficiencies.  You will find these labeled as 3x, 6x or 12x. These remedies can be repeated frequently.

The "C" Scale: These potencies act directly on the physical body with less effect on the emotional level.  Use these when the picture of the sickness isn't clear. You will find these as 3c, 6c and 12c. With these lower potencies, these remedies can also be repeated frequently. Higher potencies like 30c, work on the physical level and can access the mind and emotion.  200c potencies should be used in acute situations where symptoms and speed are intense and access the physical body as well as the pysche. 

The "M" Scale: Acts on the physical level and also addresses mental and emotional state.  The "M" scale works to promote health within the organ systems of the body. 

You can read more on this here

If your dog has ever received any vaccination, we recommend giving him or her Thuja 1M. Thuja 1M is a vaccine antidote and will move the culprit toxins out of the system and bring back balance physically, mentally and emotionally.  Many symptoms disappear once this happens.  You can find Thuja 1M on amazon.  

You simply dissolve 5 pellet of Thuja 1M in a 1/2 glass of filtered water.  Stir for approximately 30 seconds.  Give your dog 2 mL via syringe in the mouth.  Observe carefully and notice any changes in behavior, mood, appetite etc. 

In some cases, particularly those with chronic conditions or those that have received multiple vaccines (we find that these cases are on in the same), administering Thuja 1M will help detoxify and restore balance and may cause other symptoms to present, which will need to be treated as they arise. 

In most cases, chronic disease and symptoms can be identified as vaccinosis, or an adverse reaction to vaccines, despite what most vets say.  If your dog has allergies, autoimmune disease, behavioral issues or any chronic condition, using thuja 1M to help them detox and restore balance will only be helpful.  Please check out the video below to see an explanation of what vaccinosis is.   

Think of healing like peeling layers of an onion back until you get to the core of the issue. If you need more support in helping your dog heal, please visit Bobzilla's Happy, Healthy Life Made Simple.    



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