How do I Find a Good Vet?

How do I Find a Good Vet?

Finding a good vet is not easy.  Of course you need to trust them and feel confident in their abilities to help your animal.  We highly recommend integrative/holistic/naturopathic vets for all dogs, but especially for bulldogs because they understand how to find the root cause of a sickness without just treating the symptoms. 

For example, if you go to a traditional vet because your dog is itchy, the go-to treatment are usually antibiotics, steroids or apoquel.  (Antibiotics and steroids can be helpful, but only in extreme cases.  Apoquel is never helpful and literally a killer.  Read more on Apoquel here).  The problem with these treatments, is that they cause suppression, meaning they simply hide the problem but don't fix it.  That's where integrative vets are hugely helpful and often utilize alternative and super gentle treatments including acupuncture, nutrition, chiropractic practice, Chinese medicine and homeopath to heal the root cause. 

At Bobzilla, we recommend the following integrative vets because we have either worked with them in the past or would work with them in the future: 

*Dr. Loops works via phone call and you don't need to bring your animal into an office to be seen.  


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