I Refuse to Feed Kibble: A Vet's Perspective

I Refuse to Feed Kibble: A Vet's Perspective

Finally, a vet that refuses to feed kibble. 


You can read the full article here.  Dr. Nick Thompson, DVM would never feed a dog kibble and highlights 3 big reasons:

  • Kibble companies essentially use the lease desirable and nutritious parts of carcass to produce meat and bone meal, which makes up the bulk of kibble.
  • The kibble production process is called extrusion and it damages the food big time.  
  • Kibble also contains AGES or advanced glycation end products, which are " carcinogenic by-products of high-heat processing in rendering and extrusion".

Basically, the more processed the food is, the higher the AGE content will be and the worse it will be for your pets' health overall. 

Not only is kibble super processed, it is very high carb, which spikes blood sugar levels, leads to long-term insulin, which then creates disease like obesity and diabetes.  

He continues to talk about the obesity epidemic that is happening in the UK and US and a staggering "65% of dogs in the UK and USA are overweight and obese."  This is not some strange coincidence.  Kibble is the problem. 

Feeding raw food or home-cooking guarantees you a healthier dog. 




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