Lab Grown Meat for Dogs?

Lab Grown Meat for Dogs?

Right before banning homeopathy, the FDA has cleared lab-grown meat. Specifically, the FDA evaluated lab-grown chicken from a company called "Upside Foods" and didn't have further questions about it's safety, suggesting that it is safe for human consumption.  You can check out the NY Times article here

Lab-grown meat is made from animal stem cells that are placed in a petri dish with amino acids sand carbohydrates to promote growth.  "The manufacturing process for lab-grown meat begins with stem cells, typically taken from an embryo, but also sourced from adult animals, that are then grown in a laboratory. In a method similar to what happens inside an animal's body they are fed nutrients such as amino acids, glucose and vitamins" (read more here).

Lab-grown meat companies will undoubtedly claim that this is better for the environment, animals and consumers.  


Forgive me, but the FDA certainly does not have the best track record.  The FDA is funded by big pharmaceutical companies sand food companies that absolutely taint any decision that the FDA makes.  In my view, the FDA's stamp of approval means I have to research extensively to figure out the right thing for myself, dog and family.  I will not take their word for granted and neither should you. 

Unsurprisingly, lab-grown meat will be made available to our dogs.  According to Owen Ensor, chief executive of Good Dog Food, a lab-grown meat pet food company states, "lab-grown meat uses significantly less land, water, and electricity, and reduces agriculture-related pollution, deforestation and biodiversity loss. It is also expected that production will not require the use of any antibiotics" (Read more here). 

However, production of the lab-grown meat makes me really skeptical of its' safety. According to this article, the stem cells used to make this meat have no immune system, which makes sense and "If there’s virus particles in there that can infect the cells, they will. And generally, the cells just die, and then there’s no product anymore. You just dump it.  This seems super difficult to produce and even it is produced, what quality controls are in place to ensure that it is truly safe for consumption? 

While I am all for protecting the planet and promoting sustainability, the idea of eating lab-grown meat or feeding it to my dog is not what nature intended.  Interfering with nature this much will have some kind of consequence and I certainly wouldn't allow my dog or anyone in my family be a guinea pig for yet another bizarre social experiment. 

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