Monkeypox in dogs?

Monkeypox in dogs?

According to a recent article from the Washington Post, "Monkeypox may have made first jump from owners to dog, report says."  You can read the full article here

The first suspected case of this transfer was found in Paris, France.  "The dog had lesions on its skin and mucous membranes, pustules on its abdomen and a thin anal ulceration. Medical staffers matched one of the dog owners’ infections to the one detected in the animal."  

The US declared monkeypox as a health emergency in August 2022 and the CDC has listed dogs as susceptible to getting it.  I'm sure animal pharma is working quite quickly to push another vaccine into the vaccine schedule, because vaccines are somewhat about protecting our animals, but mostly for profit. 

I'm not at all anti-vaccine.  Vaccines are important and effective when administered properly.  I am anti-too-many-vaccines, particularly those that are new and don't have long-term data to back up their efficacy.  I personally will never administer another vaccine again to my dog without a titer test to determine if he actually needs it or not. 

Since our society is like The Hunger Games and there is one potential threat after another from covid to monkeypox, what do you do to keep your animal safe? 

Titer to before you vaccinate.  Feed a nutrient-dense, whole food diet.  Stay away from kibble.  Exercise and sunlight.  If you follow these guidelines for your dog, you will help them to optimize their metabolic health, which will help keep them strong and healthy in light of covid, monkeypox, or the next thing that is soon to come out. 


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