Study Alert! Daily Intake of Homeopathic Remedies Decreased Bad Bacteria!

Study Alert! Daily Intake of Homeopathic Remedies Decreased Bad Bacteria!

I think homeopathy is nature's magic.  It helps the body heal itself by stimulating its' built-in natural defenses.  In a recent study, two groups of beagles were used to determine if homeopathy could in fact reduce white blood cell counts and bacterial counts in feces. A homeopathic product, Orgainfecto was sprayed on meals of experimental group.  The other group that did not ingest the Orgainfecto was the control group.  

Stool samples were collected on day 1, 30 and 60 and results indicated"that the tested homeopathic causes neutrophils and eosinophils' stimulation and increases globulins levels even with reduced lymphocytes. The daily consumption of homeopathic by dogs decreases the intestinal bacterial load, resulting in less environmental contamination and animal and human colibacillosis risks."

What this means is that the experimental group of dogs who ingested the Orgainfecto had decreased white blood cell counts, which means the body didn't need to work to fight off infection or disease, decreased bad bacteria in the intestines, which not only resulted in less environmental pollution and less transmission of E.coli, a type of bacteria, from animals to humans. Ultimately, the dogs that received the homeopathic product, Orgainfecto were healthier compared to the group that didn't receive it. 



 Also, the study was "motivated by conventional medicines' ineffectiveness and the appearance of bacterial resistance, homeopathic medicines are being increasingly demanded by the veterinary market."

You can read the full article titled, "Daily intake of homeopathic agent by dogs modulates white cell defenses and reduces bacterial counts in feces" published by the National Library of Medicine here.

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