The Link Between Vaccines and Chronic Diseases

The Link Between Vaccines and Chronic Diseases

Vaccinosis is defined as an adverse reaction to a vaccine.  This condition can occur immediately or appear slowly over time. 

Signs of distemper vaccinosis include:

  • Eye and nose discharge
  • Conjunctivitis; vomiting
  • Diarrhea and loss of appetite
  • Watery feces with blood, mucous and often a foul odor
  • Spasms or seizures and paralysis
  • Eruptions around the mouth
  • Swelling of feet often with red foot pads
  • Pneumonia
  • Skin eruptions

(Source: DogsNaturally)

Signs of rabies vaccinosis include: 

  • Behavior changes including restlessness, viciousness, avoidance of company, unusual affection, desire to travel, and inability to be restrained.
  • Self biting
  • Strange cries and howls
  • Inability to swallow resulting in gagging when eating and drinking
  • Staring eyes
  • Swallowing wood, stones and other inedibles;
  • Destruction of blankets, clothing, etc.
  • Convulsive seizures
  • Throat spasms;
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Disturbed heart function
  • Excited and jerky breathing.

(Source: DogsNaturally)

These symptoms are disturbing enough, but fortunately, dogs are able to live. However, after giving too many vaccines and too soon, Unfortunately, some dogs have such severe vaccinosis that receiving shot, after shot, after shot, is literally deadly.  

An essay published, titled "Vaccine Reaction Essay: Veterinary Photos of Injection Site Tumors and Cancers" written by Patrician Jordan, DVM provides actual photos of adverse and deadly vaccine reactions and vaccine-induced disease including malignant tumors...CANCER, immune mediated hemolytic anemia, encephalitis, Crohn's Disease caused by booster shots. Warning: the photos included in the essay are graphic. 

"Animals that get yearly inoculations against everything, they are the ones often, with complete immune system annihilation and adrenal failure. They are the ones you see having to be administered Atopica, a chemotherapeutic, cell poisoning to try and incapacitate the dysregulated immune system from reacting further."

In 1978, Dr. Ron Schultz, DVM a veterinary immunologist stated there was no reason to vaccinate yearly and again in 1999, he published research that discussed the minimum duration of immunity for common vaccines and concluded that "Vaccines for diseases like distemper and canine parvovirus once administered to adult animals, provide LIFETIME IMMUNITY." (Source DogsNaturally)

So, if this research exists that clearly indicates that one shot provides lifetime immunity and that continuous vaccination can cause potentially deadly side effects then why are vets giving vaccines out like candy (Candy that you have to pay for, of course)? 

Because the veterinary business is a business, which is all about the money.


Veterinary schools are funded by the dog food maker, the school is funded by the dog food guy, the dog food guy is also owned by the vaccine guy and the vaccine guy makes the laws on what makes what legal and what is approved. The dog food guy is also friends with the vet board guy because the vet board guy is funded by the vaccine guy.  A sick pet is a great client. 

So what do you do? 

  1. Do your research
  2. Ask your vet questions and find a new one if you need to 
  3. Always do a titer test before giving any vaccine 
  4. Follow Bobzilla's vaccine recommendations 
  5. Homeopathic detox 
  6. Feed raw or home-cook 


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