The New President for Pet Nutrition at MARS Petcare has "0" Nutrition Education

The New President for Pet Nutrition at MARS Petcare has "0" Nutrition Education

Good old MARs Inc., the behemoth that monopolizes the vet industry from kibble manufacturing, ownership of thousands of animal chain hospitals throughout the USA and even more overseas, sponsor of vet school programs and Zoetis animal vaccine company partner, has appointed Alanna McDonald as the New North America Regional President for Pet Nutrition. 



"In her new role, McDonald will bring her deep consumer packaged goods expertise to drive continued innovation in the dynamic pet food category. She will be responsible for the full Mars Pet Nutrition North America portfolio, including beloved brands like Pedigree, IAMs and Cesar.  With her robust global experience, McDonald will grow and evolve the company's talented Associates, brands and operations while driving the company's purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS" (You can read the press release here). 

"A Better World for Pets" is super ironic given that MARs Inc. does actually not care about the health of your pet.  They care about the bottom line, which is money and profit.  If they cared so greatly about your pets' health, perhaps they would appoint someone to the Regional President role who actually has some experience in pet nutrition? 


But instead, they appoint someone who is an expert on consumer packaged goods and has extensive experience at other massive retailers including L'Oreal and Proctor and Gamble.  Packaged consumer goods and healthy dog food do not belong in the same sentence.  While there is no doubt that McDonald has extensive leadership and brand development experience, she has literally no experience what-so-ever in pet nutrition.  If you are curious, you can check out her LinkedIn profile here

MARs Inc. care about profit. Period.  This is also evidenced by the sub-par ingredients they use in their 41 different brands of kibble with ingredient lists that are too long and hard to pronounce, which means it should not be consumed if you want your dog to live and long, happy and healthy life. 

Does "chicken by-product meal," "pork meal," and "wheat gluten" sound like it is going to keep your animal well?  Because I can tell you from first-hand experience that it will not.  I am quoting this ingredient list directly from Royal Canin's "bulldog" flavor of kibble.  You can see the full ingredients below linked from Chewy.

Additionally, their facilities that mass-produce kibble are often unsanitary and unregulated.  One facility was literally infested with roaches.  You can read more on that one here.   

MARs Petcare is in the business of keeping animals alive, not curing them or keeping them healthy. MARs funds the vet schools, owns pet hospitals and kibble, creating a monopoly in the business, which is about profit, not the healthy of your animal. 


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