The Veterinary pharmaceutical companies are truly cray.

The Veterinary pharmaceutical companies are truly cray.

Guys. It’s crazy out there. What’s happening right before us is not that different than what we see in a Hollywood movie of how a pharmaceutical company is hiding the cure to some deathly disease just to save trillions.  It’s actually true! They are. Especially for the easy targets – animals.

Sadly, making animal or human medicine has absolutely nothing to do with caring about animals or humans.  It’s purely a business that is lucrative. Pharmaceutical companies fear the public finding out that natural and homeopathic remedies ACTUALLY WORK (with no repercussions).  They fear it so much that they actually spend millions on trying to dismiss the remedies or make them illegal.

I bring this whole thing up only because it’s probably why our own conventional vets are so addicted to prescribing drugs and dismissing all things natural.   Isn’t it kind of weird that most don’t advise anything natural for ANIMALS???

I’m open to anything that actually works without damage. Western, Eastern, whatever. Why aren’t they?  Some will tell you there isn’t enough research. Yet when there is research they go out of their way to dismiss the findings.

Here is some research on charcoal and two years later the pharm companies come along with their own study done by their own doctors at “Vanderbilt” negating the efficacy of charcoal. 

Hmm. Why spend money trying to dismiss the efficacy of activated charcoal? They’re not in the charcoal business?  Simple. Because they don’t want anyone trying it and realizing it works! And it’s cheap AF!

These companies can’t monopolize activated charcoal.  Or anything natural at that, but they can and have monopolized everything else.



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