We Live in a Cray Cray Time

We Live in a Cray Cray Time

We live in a cray cray time in the world where almost everyone is putting the wrong fuel in their car. And there's enormous corporate mechanic shops making billions off of it promoting more repairs. And nobody is addressing the bad fuel causing the problems.  

By the wrong fuel, I mean food and nutrition, or lack thereof.  Dogs are largely fed genetically modified kibble poisoned by glysophosphate and other toxins created in labs by the Big Food industry that is making billions off of disease and profiting even more by selling you a pill that they claim will repair the damage that they helped to create in the first place, but it won't.  Disease is skyrocketing and nobody wants to address the giant elephant in the room, FOOD, that is causing these problems in the first place. 

No disrespect to most vets, but they are trained to treat disease and not prevent it.  Think of plumbers.  If a pipe is leaky, plumbers will stop the leak, but not necessarily fix the root cause, which is why it broke in the first place. Veterinary medicine works the same way. Your dog is itchy, your vet will give you apoquel, which will mask the symptoms and result in even more sickness down the road, because the root cause is still there.  Symptoms are treated and not healed.  

This is a problem because our animals are getting sicker and not healthier. This killer combo of too many vaccines and kibble is responsible for common diseases such as allergies, autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity in our dogs.  

According to Dr. Nick Thompson, DVM, "65% of dogs in the UK and USA are overweight or obese" and "The British Small Animal Veterinary Association now defines obesity as a disease." Obese and sick dogs are more expensive to take care of and They state that obese animals are not only more expensive to keep through their lifetime andcan die up to two years before similarly aged lean dogs (Read more here).

Further, according to a 2019 report completed by Banfield, a subsidiary of the behemoth, MARs Inc., just over half of the dogs that those hospitals in 2019 were considered overweight, which they define as 10%-20% more than their ideal body weight. "51% of the more than 1.9 million adult dogs seen at Banfield classified as overweight" and is directly linked to "endocrinopathies, metabolic abnormalities, cardiovascular disease, and functional alterations, such as joint disorders and decrease immune function" (Read more here).

Basically, if your dog is overweight, they are way more likely to get sick. Period.  If your dog is overweight, they aren't eating an optimal diet and not moving their bodies enough. There is absolutely a correlation between the kibble that is consumed and the rate of illness.  There is no way that by-product meal and glysophosphate saturated carbohydrates used in most kibble is healthier than a species appropriate diet, which is meat, vegetables and fruit.  The more a dog eats kibble, they sicker they will become over time.  

Unfortunately, since most kibble is made from cheap by-products of other industries and highly refined grains mass-produced at extremely high temperatures, the result is the increased consumption of Advanced Glycation End (AGEs) products in food, which could be deadly over time. According to Dr. David Turner, Ph.D., "AGEs are harmful oxidative compounds that over time accumulate in tissues, causing stress and inflammation, and in turn increase the risk of developing diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes" (Read more here).

He also mentions that the life expectancy of Golden Retrievers have decreased about 5 years.  “We have seen the impacts that AGEs have on humans, yet we are giving our pets 100 times more. In a little over a decade, Golden Retrievers have lost about five years off their life expectancy. We believe that processed pet food consumption has contributed to this concerning statistic.”

If you take your dog to the vet for whatever sickness and they don't ask about diet, vaccines and lifestyle, you have a drug dealer and not a professional who can help you heal your animal. 

Instead of looking at what we put inside of our dogs, the vet biz prescribes more and more medication to create wealth and not health. After all, a healthy patient is no longer a paying customer.



If you want your dog to be healthy, feed a species-appropriate diet: protein, veggies and fruit. No kibble. You can read more about what to feed, which includes raw food brandshome-cooked foodsupplement recommendations as well as how and when to vaccinate.  If your dog is sick, please visit Bobzilla's Healthy, Happy Life Made Simple to help your dog feel better naturally.

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