Why Purebred Dogs are in Danger

Why Purebred Dogs are in Danger

These guys are in danger.  The majority, yes you heard that right, majority of our pure breed dogs are suffering from seizures, tremors, allergies, mysterious "auto immune" diseases. Why? This is due to the damage that's been done to their limited gene pools by over drugging, over vaccinating and over-toxifying our breeding dogs.

What we are left with is a small gene pool that's been severely damaged.  Each generation of purebred dogs are shaped by breeders who strive to improve their breed and are typically members of the Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club and follow their standards and guidelines.  However, The problem here is that their guidelines of breeding standards were created in the 1800's, before the study of molecular genetics began and guidelines haven't changed since.  We are talking over 200 years later, things are the still the same. 

This wouldn't be a problem if purebred dogs were thriving and healthy, but unfortunately they are not.  According to a recent study, "the overall health of dogs has seen declines in the last few decades; shorter lifespans, increased rates of cancers, heart defects and smaller litter sizes have been found with increasing frequency in many breed populations."

Dogs don't just get sick. It's either an inherited trait or it's from something they were given in their environment.  Disturbingly, it's considered "normal" for a dog to have allergies, seizures, tremors and mysterious "autoimmune" disease, but in reality it isn't.  According to Dr. David Turner, a cancer researcher, "the vast majority of the foods being fed to our canine friends are much more processed than human foods and they consume them far often, likely with every meal. As a lifelong dog owner, I was very concerned that this heavy consumption of processed foods high in advanced glycation end products may be seriously damaging our dogs’ health and affecting their lifespan (Read more on that here).

In addition to poor nutrition, purebred dogs are often sicker than their mixed breed counterparts.  Why is that?  That's because mixed breed dogs come from more genetic diversity, which means they are just hardier, stronger and less susceptible to illness.    











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