How do we Keep our Dogs Living as Long as Possible?

We keep our dogs living as long as possible by optimizing their health.  We do this by optimizing their nutrition, vaccinating very carefully and providing an ideal environment, which includes access to fresh water, exercise and plenty of love.  



What is Optimal Nutrition for Dogs?

Bobzilla recommends feeding your dog food that most closely resembles food they would eat in the wild.  They have 42 teeth intended  to cut meat and bone, just like wolves.  They are genetically designed to survive and eat prey, not donuts, pizza or anything else highly processed, like kibble.  Raw is best, followed by home-cooked.  Learn more about optimal nutrition by clicking here

How do I Vaccinate my Dog Carefully? 

After puppies are born, immunity from their mother lasts until they are 14 weeks of age.  With that, we do not recommend vaccinating before 14 weeks.  We recommend vaccinating slowly until the puppy has received their core vaccines.  After they have received these vaccines, we recommend administering titer blood tests to determine immunity level before giving any more vaccines that may not be necessary.  Learn more about vaccinating carefully here


Please use this website and the resources listed here to educate yourself, become an informed advocate for your animals and ultimately help them heal completely.


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The veterinary business is business which is not in the business of curing your animal, but Bobzilla's business is. Bobzilla is committed to one hundred percent transparency in all of its scientific research into animal wellness and prevention of disease and one hundred percent of any donation you make, helps to fund this research.  

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