How to Give Thuja 1M (written by Sahara Lotti)

How to Give Thuja 1M (written by Sahara Lotti)

Put 3-5 pellets inside a half bottle of water.

Shake at least 20 times.

Squirt a tablespoon or syringe into your pets mouth. Repeat 2 more times (2 more squirts). Don’t worry about “exact”. Natural medicine is not an exact science. The body will respond when the right amount of Thuja is given at the right potency.

Give one more dose on day 2.

Give one more dose on day 3.

If thuja is the right remedy, immediately the dog will be in a better mood. They will grab a toy to play and be super energized. That’s their way of telling you you’re on the right track!

That’s all there is to it. Thuja homeopathic remedy will help detoxify the preservatives in shots that trigger allergies, seizures, auto-immune etc. If conventional medicine was about the CURE they would be all over thuja. But it’s not.

Signs of detox are bumps, redness, rashes, etc appearing out of nowhere that quickly come and go. The animal seems completely unfazed.

If you have an animal that is on a lot of medication, I do not recommend 1m. I would start with 6c and contact a homeopath vet to help.


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