In the Media

There are some MAJOR concerns and good news happening in the animal industry.  Please read more below. 

Major Concerns


    • J&J is using a Bankruptcy Maneuver to Block Lawsuits over Baby Powder Cancer Claims: Johnson & Johnson blocked approximately 38,000 lawsuits claiming that its talc baby powder was contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos by creating a new company called LTL to dump all its asbestos-related liabilities — "including the avalanche of lawsuits — into the new firm". This is OUTRAGEOUS!
    • Why Vets are Getting Away with Murder: Our pets are getting sicker and have shorter lifespans compared to dogs several decades ago despite significant advancement in technology and medicine.    
    • Rabies Vaccine can cause Rabies Symptoms in Dogs: The rabies vaccine contains a trace amount of rabies virus, which can cause the exact same symptoms of rabies itself. Rabies vaccinosis symptoms are physical, mental and emotional and are often overlooked by vets and will not associate a connection between these symptoms and the vaccine.
    • Thimerosal - An Incredibly Controversial Preservative:  According to the FDA, thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound (an organomercurial). Since the 1930s, it has been widely used as a preservative in a number of biological and drug products, including many vaccines, to help prevent potentially life threatening contamination with harmful microbes.  There is no regulatory agency equivalent for our animals.  Why does a chihuahua receive the same vaccine (with preservatives) as a mastiff?     
    • Kibble: the Biggest Gaslight of the Century. AGES are Deadly: We’ve all been told that a yummy bag of kibble (grain free!) is the epitome of nutrition… — only now a study proves that this is not true. Kibble, in fact, based on recent studies done by David Turner, a scientist at MUSC, is toxic just by the creation process due to being extremely high in advanced glycation end products.

Good News!



  • Using Homeopathy to Mitigate the Effects of VaccinationFascinating presentation from the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists that debunks "some of the myths and realities that surround the use of homeopathic remedies for helping with the negative effects of vaccinations."
  • Homeopathy for Animals: Super informative article that provides a basic overview of homeopathic remedies most commonly used in holistic veterinary medicine.  If you have a BULLDOG, phosophorus is your friend.
  • Integrative Medicine: The Evidence, Economics, & Logistics of an Emerging FieldAn estimated $16 billion is spent annually on veterinary care animals.  Both owners and vet insurers are pursuing “alternative” and “complementary” services also called integrative medicine when caring for their companion animals.  These services include homeopathy, herbal medicine, therapeutic massage, veterinary spinal manipulation therapy and acupuncture.  Read more about each approach here