Sheldon is his mom and dad’s first born child. He came from a Bulldog Hall of Fame breeder and is from champion blood lines. There is nothing his parents wouldn’t do for him.

They never missed a rabies, distemper or bordetella vaccine or booster shot since he was 10 weeks old.

Here’s a summary of what happened to him after He got his first vaccines:

  • Alopecia (bald spots)on the top of his head presented (This was diagnosed as demodex several weeks after he received the rabies vaccination).
  • Severe nose discharge, sneezing and coughing after the bordetella vaccine (This was diagnosed and treated as kennel cough, the disease the vaccine is allegedly designed to protect against).
  • Chronic ear infections, interdigital cysts and a mass developed in his skin fold (These were diagnosed as allergies).


Prednisone. A whole lot of prednisone. Vets love to prescribe steroids, It’s like the go-to for any ailment. The vet also highly recommended Royal Canin’s rabbit kibble formula. Sheldon was also on apoquel for a hot minute, but his mom researched how truly damaging this medication is and took him off of it immediately. His parents also paid about $500 for allergy tests to determine any food or environmental allergies. Guess what? The results determined that he did NOT have any allergies what-so-ever. The vet also said that because he didn’t have allergies, his interdigital cysts were attributed to a “weight-bearing issue?” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?


He was diagnosed with vasculitis, an autoimmune disease, which for Sheldon, meant small bumps and alopecia on his ear tips. The vet did expensive skin scrapes and prescribed pentoxifylline to treat symptoms. This actually worked for a while until it didn’t. About a year later, his symptoms came back with a vengeance and had NECROSIS, which is awful and literally is the death of body tissue. The vet prescribed pentoxifylline again and added some steroids, because why not? He then was diagnosed with giardia and a gastrointestinal infection. She said he would need to be on medication for the rest of his life.


Sheldon’s parents were spending thousands of dollars at the vet on visits, medication and vet-recommended kibble. If they were following all of the vet’s instructions, why wasn’t he getting better? In fact he was getting sicker and sicker. Sheldon was also miserable and had to pee every hour on the hour because of the steroids. Sheldon was miserable, which means his mom was miserable, which means his dad was miserable. Can you relate?

Out of absolute desperation, one does what one has to do and turns to social media. Thankfully, Sheldon’s mom found Bob’s mom on instagram and life for Sheldon’s life and his parent’s lives has only gotten better since. Sheldon’s mom started home-cooking a white fish and veggie diet, with a digestive enzyme, calcium, fish oil and golden paste as described in “Healing Your Bulldog Part 3”). Sheldon saw an integrative vet who prescribed 2 homeopathic remedies (nux vomica 30c to detox all of the steroids and antibiotics from his system and lachesis 30c to heal his vasculitis). His parents were complete skeptics and thought there was absolutely no chance this would work.

Within 48 hours, his ears improved significantly. The necrosis began to reverse itself. Within a week, almost all of the bumps on his ears were gone and his fur started to grow back. Within a month, his ears were entirely healed. By the way, the remedies that fixed him cost about $8.00 each.


Vaccines made him sick. Prednisone made him sicker. Kibble didn’t help him any.

Sheldon got off of the too many vaccines + too much medication + poor nutrition merry-go-round and was healed of all autoimmune diseases including vasculitis and allergies and all “bulldog issues” including hot spots, interdigital cysts and ear infections.

He is on a raw diet with goat’s milk. He has not taken steroids or antibiotics since 2017. He will never get a rabies vaccine again because the vaccine itself compromises his immune system. Instead, his homeopathic vet provides an exemption letter. As for the distemper vaccine and any other booster, a titer blood test is always done to determine what vaccines he actually needs. He has never been healthier or happier and is undoubtedly living his best life.

Please use this website and the resources listed here to educate yourself, become an informed advocate for your animals and ultimately help them heal completely.


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