Success Stories

Too many vaccines, too much medication and highly processed food will destroy your animals' digestive system over time, which will eventually compromise their immune system and all of a sudden, your vet gives you a diagnosis of some autoimmune disease and allergies, which they will treat with apoquel and steroids. 

Instead of healing the toot cause, which is most likely a compromised digestive and immune systems, these drugs will simply suppress them, causing more damage  

Nature is brilliant and has the capacity to heal.  Our animals are part of nature and can innately heal as long as we provide the right environment.  

Here are just some of our success stories.  

Does My Dog Need a Detox?

After figuring out your dog would benefit from a detox, Please check out "Healing Your Pep" Parts1, 2 & 3to learn how to actually do so without having to spend thousands of dollars.  Too good be true? Check out our success stories by clicking here.