Don't Trust the FDA with Your Dog's Health

Don't Trust the FDA with Your Dog's Health

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Don't trust the FDA with your dog's health.  The Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is a division of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that claims to "protect human and animal health" by ensuring the safety and packaging of animal drugs, animal food and feeds, including pet food, and animal devices.  It does not regulate veterinary medicine, or vaccines for infectious disease like rabies or distemper.  This is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  The CVM does regulate some flea and tick products and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates pesticides.  However, the FDA is funded by the same companies that it regulates, which raises some major red flags about decisions they make, which are determined on how much money can be made.  

If you have a problem with animal food, drugs, devices or products labeled with a six-digit New Animal Drug Application (NADA), you could report it to the CVM/FDA.  If you have an issue with vaccines, you could report it to the Department of Agriculture.  If you have an issue with pesticides, like glyphosate, you could report it to the EPA.  Unfortunately, even if you do report it, it's not likely much action would actually be taken. 

For example, according to Politico, the Center for Food Safety and Nutrition, a component of the FDA, "has repeatedly failed to take action on a wide range of safety and health issues the agency has been aware of for several years."  Some of these issues include pathogens found in water used to grow produce, heavy metal contamination in baby foods and the use of chemicals like PFA's, which are forever chemicals found in the food supply and in food packaging.  Further, the article reports that the "FDA has dragged its feet on major nutrition issues, even as diet-related disease rates in the U.S. have continued to worsen."  Don't trust the FDA with your dog's health. 

The article also refers to a "diet-relate disease crisis" made even worse by Covid-19.  50 people were interviewed for the article, which included current and former FDA employees, and some were granted anonymity to speak freely and terms used by these people to describe the FDA were "ridiculous," "impossible," "broken," "byzantine" and a "joke" in regards to food regulation. 

While the focus of this article is on humans, there is no doubt the same thing is happening to our dogs too.  The FDA doesn't care about the health of humans just as the CVM doesn't actually care about the health of our dogs.  The agency is totally corrupt. It is funded in part by companies that it regulates.  It was once an entirely taxpayer-funded organization and has shifted to to increasingly rely on user feeds paid by manufacturers that are being regulated by the FDA when those same manufacturers apply for approval of a device or drug.  According to this article from 2021, During the application process, manufacturers pay fees and the amount they pay the FDA is contingent upon a complex formula that considers "waivers, refunds, and exemptions base don the category of drugs being approved and the total number of drugs in the manufacturers portfolio." 

According to Dr. John Virapen, a former pharmaceutical director at Ely Lilly, wrote a book titled "Side Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharma Insider", and stated that "pharmaceutical companies want to keep people sick.  They want to make others think that they are sick.  And they do this for one reason: money."  This company and companies like it are the same companies that fund the FDA and the CVM.  Pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and the CVM do not care about the health of your animal.  Don't trust the FDA with your dog's health. 

If you want your dog to be healthy, the best thing to do is a feed a nutrient-dense and high quality diet.  Raw or home-cooked is best and kibble, including prescription kibble should be avoided at all costs.  Vaccinate carefully or not at all if you have a bulldog.  If you do these things, you will keep your dog healthy and won't need Big Pharma.     

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