Vaccination and Autoimmune Diseases

Vaccination and Autoimmune Diseases

Vaccines are necessary and important to protect and health of an animal as well as the community the animal lives in.  HOWEVER, too many vaccines are counterproductive and can do more harm than good to an animal and the community that animal lives in.  The result of too many vaccines is referred to as vaccinosis in homeopathy, which is basically a chronic or acute illness that results from immunization(s).  If you are interested, you can read more on vaccinosis by clicking here.

According to this study performed on humans, "vaccination is the most effective prevention of epidemiologic infectious diseases," which makes perfect sense.  The study continues to say, "athough the vaccines are generally safe, with a low incidence of serious systemic adverse events, numerous reports highlighted the occurrence of neurological (Guillain Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, autism), articular (arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), and autoimmune untoward effects (systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes mellitus) after single or combined multivaccine procedures." 

So essentially, there is something in the vaccine, whether it be the dead virus, or another vaccine component that triggers these autoimmune responses in humans and further, the study states, "the individuals who might be susceptible to develop these reactions could be especially not only those with previous post-vaccination phenomena and those with allergies but also in individuals who are prone to develop autoimmune diseases, such as those with a family history of autoimmunity or with known autoantibodies, and the genetic predisposed individuals."

I believe the same exact thing is true in dogs. Autoimmune diseases, cancer and sickness in general is on the rise in dogs.  Something in the vaccine triggers the immune system to freak out and symptoms present.  In the case of Sheldon, my now 9-year-old (thankfully healthy as a horse) English Bulldog, multiple boosters of rabies, distemper and bordatella put his immune system on overdrive and he developed what was diagnosed as vasculitis, an autoimmune disease.  

Because English Bulldogs are typically born via c-section and do not receive that healthy and critical bacteria from their mothers' birth canal, they are already born with compromised immune systems.  This coupled with the fact that English Bulldogs are bred from an extremely limited gene pool that doesn't have much genetic diversity, the stage for a perfect storm of health issues was set and I just didn't know any better.  

Enter vaccines.  Not just a couple, but so so many.  I am talking countless vaccines and more and more medicine to attempt to keep him "well" and fix his conditions, which really only made him sicker.  Since something in the vaccine made him sicker, getting that something out of him made him better, without the potent medication my fancy, board-certified, head of practice, Brooklyn-based former vet said he would need to be on for the rest of his life.   That's where a homeopathic detox came in, which ultimately saved his life.  I also learned that vasculitis is textbook symptom of rabies vaccinosis by reading studies like this one.  

My big point is is this:  If you have a pure-bred dog, please be extra careful vaccinating them.  Pure-breds come from a gene pool with less genetic diversity than mixed breeds and are most likely to have a reaction to vaccines.  Always titer before your vet administers a vaccine to make sure your dog actually needs the protection.  Never vaccinate when your animal is sick because their immune system is already working hard to restore their health.  Always ask questions and make sure you understand what is being done to your animal and why.  






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