Vaccine Problems

Vaccines are important.  Your dog needs them, but the amount recommended by the AKC and most vets are unnecessary and can cause major problems and a host of issues.



These problems and issues are known as vaccinosis, which refers to a set of symptoms that occur after the administration of vaccines immediately or chronically, months or even years later.  

Most traditional veterinarians refuse to acknowledge it because they are the ones administering the shots, and administering them frequently. Take a closer look at the AKC's recommendation, which is the protocol that most vets follow: 

Common symptoms of vaccinosis, which are often ignored by traditional vets, include skin issues such as alopecia, interdigital cysts, pyoderma, calcium formations and ulcerations.  Other issues include chronic runny eyes and conjunctivitis (tear stains in dogs, dry eye, chronic eye allergies); chronic vomiting, diarrhea, appetite issues; emaciation; pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, GI lymphoma; chronic spasms and seizures (epilepsy, brain tumors); skin eruptions and swelling of feet and red feet pads; itching from lifelong skin allergies; and eruptions around the mouth (seen in lip fold dermatitis) (Source: Homeopathic Treatment for Vaccine Reactions)


Traditional veterinary medicine does not acknowledge vaccines as being a major culprit and cause of disease. Traditional medicine responds to these symptoms that stem from vaccines, by treating with immunosuppressants, assuming the animal has an immune problem.  The drugs hide the illness by providing temporary relief, only for symptoms to reappear with a vengeance.  

It's not just too many vaccines, it is also the ingredients used to preserve and transport them.  Read more on that here

What is the Cure? 

Nature is brilliant and our dogs have innate abilities to heal as long as we do our best to not interfere.  Optimizing health through natural detox and homeopathy, quality nutrition and sufficient exercise is an excellent start.  Homeopathy. Read more on homeopathy here

Learn more about vaccinosis by clicking on the links below: 

  • Do We Truly Understand Vaccine Reactions and Vaccinosis?: Brief abstract that highlights the the blurred distinction between a vaccine reaction, which if addressed properly does not have long or short term side effects and vaccinosis, the sickness that occurs when a patient doesn't receive appropriate treatment.
  • More Bumps on the Vaccine Road: In the vet biz, "evidence implicating vaccines in triggering immune-mediated and other chronic disorders (vaccinosis) is growing." Alternatives to current vaccine practices include measuring antibody titers, avoiding overvaccination in animals that are sick, old, debilitated or known to be at high risk for reactions to vaccines and the use of homeopathic nosodes.
  • Stories from Pet Owners who Reported Issues with their Pets and Vaccinations:  Unfortunate and way too common sad stories from pet parents who share how their animals suffered and died from vaccine reactions.  These are very sad and can be avoided. 
  • Vaccine Hesitancy Comes for Pet Parents: Interesting article from the NY Times that discusses why pet parents are hesitant when vaccinating their animals.  Further, Assistant Professor, Dr. David Emery of the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine states, "significant technology improvements mean that vaccines are now more effective and often needed only once every three years instead of annually."  While this is definitely an improvement, we recommend doing a titer blood test before giving any vaccine to determine if your animal actually needs it instead of vaccinating because your vet "says so." 
  • Vaccinosis: Damage Vaccinations can Cause your Pet:  "There is no doubt that vaccination has been progressive in public health concerns, for both humans and pets, but they were never meant to make the host sick.  For a number of reasons, the current vaccinations schedule for our pets, is."  
  • Vaccinosis: Do your Research before you Vaccinate: Informative article on the importance of learning about vaccines before you vaccinate your dog so you can become the best advocate fort them as possible. 
  • Vaccinosis Disease: The Hidden Symptoms of Vaccine Induced DiseaseVaccines are important, but too many "are counterproductive to health, rather bringing about the very diseases they were meant to prevent."
  • Vaccination Reactions Can Mimic Disease SymptomsThe rabies vaccine contains a trace amount of rabies virus, which can cause the exact same symptoms of rabies itself. Rabies vaccinosis symptoms are physical, mental and emotional and are often overlooked by vets and will not associate a connection between these symptoms and the vaccine.
  • Vaccine Reaction Essay: Veterinary Photos of Injection Site Tumors and Cancers: A descriptive and graphic essay that provides photo-video evidence of vaccine-induced disease caused by booster shots.  See more on our blog!)  
  • Vaccinosis: The Unspoken Risks of Vaccination for Pet Dogs and Cats: The incorrect dosage and annual revaccination are the main drivers of vaccinosis.  According to leading vet immunology research, Dr. Ronald Schultz, found decades ago that "pets acquire a permanent active immunity after the initial course of vaccination" and that "once vaccinated as a puppy or kitten, your pet is immune to all core diseases for life, and does not an need annual revaccination."  
  • Vaccinosis: What is it, and How Can You Help Your Pet?Interesting read on why benadryl is NOT the answer when your dog is not feeling well when it comes to chronic or acute symptoms. 
  • Veterinarians and Vaccines: A Slow Learning Curve: Over-vaccination is common in the vet world and according to this article, vets do it because the "lure of a vaccine is the only way to convince clients of a needed yearly exam" and vets "don't want to interrupt the revenue system derived from annual inoculations."  

In addition to homeopathy, we highly recommend following  Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM vaccine protocol and is considered to be an expert in pet healthcare and has focused her career on vaccination protocols, thyroid issues and nutrition.  We highly recommend following her vaccine protocol, which will carefully administer vaccines as opposed to bombarding your animal with potentially unneeded and immune-compromising shots.  Please click here to view her vaccine protocol and check out her lecture on titer testing below. 

Please use this website and the resources listed here to educate yourself, become an informed advocate for your animals and ultimately help them heal completely.


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